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2 Corey Dickerson is batting for the Rays with a 3-2 count, one out and Evan Longoria on first base.
The new Scott Safety First Base 3 FR bump cap is designed to offer customers dual protection.
During the sixth inning, a batter reached first base due to defensive interference by the catcher, also known as catcher's interference.
Instead of touching the inside of first base, the pitcher stepped on the outside of the bag and Rivera stepped on his leg.
Any mishandling of the baseball, or slowness in footwork, or off-line throw into the dirt by the infielders will enable the runner to make it safely to first base.
Parents and customers shopping to find the ideal gift for new and expectant mothers can browse testimonials from satisfied customers, see product photos, learn more about First Base Productions, Inc.
But Romero went to third without meeting his retouch obligation at first base.
That means that the infielder will have to field the ball and throw to first base in less than 4.
The joint venture intends to install its first base stations, an integral part of fixed wireless networks, by October.
Other inning-ending situations most likely involve "time plays" in which a run or runs can score if runners cross the plate before the third out is recorded on what is not a force play or the batter-runner being put out before reaching first base.
Hong-Chih Kuo faced the minimum in the top of the first, pitching around a one-out single by Jack Wilson by picking him off first base, and Rafael Furcal hit his sixth leadoff homer of the season in the bottom half.
Regardless of the level of competition, the most exciting play in any softball or baseball game is the ground ball and bang-bang play at first base.