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FISCForeign Intelligence Surveillance Court
FISCFukui Industrial Support Center (Japan)
FISCFleet and Industrial Supply Center (US Navy)
FISCForeign International Sales Company (IRB)
FISCForum Intergouvernemental sur la Sécurité Chimique
FISCFlooring Installation Supply Centre (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)
FISCFast Illinois Solver Code (UIUC)
FISCFarm and Industry Short Course (University of Wisconsin-Madison College of Agricultural and Life Sciences)
FISCFranciscan International Study Centre (UK)
FISCFidelity Investments Systems Company
FISCFuels Information Service Center
FISCFood Industry Suppliers of Canada
FISCFinancial Information Service Centre (Ireland)
FISCForeign International Switching Center (Sprint)
FISCFlight Instrument Signal Converter
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With the effective implementation of the NSFI thru the oversight of the FISC, it is hoped that more people will benefit from having access to financial services and contribute to broad-based growth.
In 1978 Congress created FISC to serve as a neutral, disinterested observer.
Obama's pre-emptive FISC concession will appease the anti-antiterror left and right.
Robertson was not sure how exactly the FISC might hear from an adversary, but some members of the board appeared to take the suggestion seriously in follow-up questions during the rest of the panel.
On March 3, 2005, a seventh FISC was established in Sigonella, Italy.
persons reasonably believed to be located outside the United States for up to 90 days pursuant to a FISC order if statutory criteria are met.
Congress expanded the FISC to authorize not only electronic surveillance but also physical searches of people's homes.
The development of technology has allowed FISC to expand beyond our original sole purpose of serving financial institutions.
pdf) FISC demanded the Justice Department to respond to the EFF request, and the Justice Department submitted a 15-page response arguing that the FISC's own rules are preventing it from complying with the EFF's Freedom of Information Act request.
Navy civilian Paula Hoff, an administrative branch supervisor for FISC San Diego, said she felt the need to buy and donate goods the moment the diversity committee announced the drive.