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FLAKFliegerabwehrkanone (German: Flyer Defense Cannon)
FLAKFlugabwehrkanone (German)
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Pulis has laughed off suggestions of a personal bodyguard for his defender, but he said: "People have to take flak at times, and if Ryan does, then so be it.
The city was burning, bombers were going down, flak was coming up, fighter flares were turning night into day, and we were struggling to get along in old "Able Mabel," the most venerable of all our squadron aircraft with more than 120 "ops" painted on her nose .
Flak Jacket invariably clicked into top gear, and his BHB mark would rise to the mid 70s.
He added: "The situation with uniforms and flak jackets is ridiculous.
50), having had excuses since his York success in May, and Flak Jacket can repeat last year's success in the Stewards' Sprint Handicap (5.
Check out Citizen King's funky ``Bizarro,'' the electronica of ``Tune In (Round Window)'' by Flak, and Rednex's techno-version of the fiddle ditty ``Cotton-Eyed Joe.
OTCBB:LOCH) are taking flak from skeptics as a mysterious "black box" that can't possibly work, the prestigious OE Reports: Technology and Trends for the International Optical Engineering Community features the ELF in its cover story, according to Loch CFO Mark Baker.
But Souey reckons they have the easy job watching video replays and handing out the flak.
Kieren Fallon stole the show at Haydock yesterday with a sparkling treble aboard Flak Jacket, Scheming and Sophorific, writes Ray Gilpin.
I've taken a lot of flak for not pitching the ball and now we're pitching the ball,'' he said.
Kohl noted that Highway Holdings is also the OEM manufacturer of clock movements for Swatch's popular children's Flik Flak product line.
Lot 1 Kriegers Flak 320 kV HVDC Submarine and Underground cables, design, production and execution including transport and laying of the submarine cables.