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FLAMFrançais Langue Maternelle (French: French Mother Tongue)
FLAMFédération Luxembourgeoise des Arts Martiaux (French: Luxembourg Marital Arts Federation)
FLAMForeign Language Association of Missouri
FLAMForces de Libération Africaines de Mauritanie (African Liberation Forces of Mauritania)
FLAMFree Left Alu Monomer (molecular biology)
FLAMFault Location And Monitoring
FLAMForce Level Applications Management
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It's a six-hour ride to get to our first stop, Myrdal, and we have to transfer to another train to get to Flam.
It also is used to help power the Flam line, how's that for using your natural resources?
FLAM and Araiz additionally engaged in fraud related to a fund-of-funds under their control.
The catalogue essays, though very good at revealing the complex implications of this statement for his development, are curiously uncritical about this procedure: "Matisse sought not only to depict the appearance of specific women," Flam writes, "but also to express an ideal akin to that of the Eternal Feminine, in which the power of Woman is associated with creativity, fecundity, and even a state of grace.
Over the next eight days, we switched between the Swedish to the Norwegian and finally from Flam to Bergen Railways.
ii1an At the en reached Flam This was ou Flamsbana t via express The 20 ki difference i maximum 1 standard ga The train and the orig climbing ou happily sna between the The only descended t Kjosfossen.
With: Mia Mountain, Ludde Hagberg, Amtha Schulman, Aron Flam, Lisa Ostberg, Ulrika Ellemark, Fredrik Lundqvist, Yohanna Idha.
Tickets can be purchased at the Brantford Arts Block, Jammit Music, The Beat Goes On, The Bookworm, Flim Flam Arts and Crafts Supplies, Green Heron Books, Stedman Bookstore at Laurier Brantford and at the door.
And the few grandfathers who are still around say that when they were young, even then Flam was the oldest in our village.
Berenice Abbott's "Flam and Flam, 165 East 121st Street, Manhattan" (1938) is an essentially documentary image in which a mosaic of window signs advertises the services of a diverse group of lawyers, bail bondsmen, process servers, and notaries, including the amusingly named firm Flam and Flam occupying the ground floor.
In one fell swoop, which can last two days or longer, the adventuresome can experience the scenic Bergen Railway line running from Oslo to Bergen, the breathtaking Flam Railway line, two stunning fjords, and the steepest road in Northern Europe.