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FLAMFrançais Langue Maternelle (French: French Mother Tongue)
FLAMFédération Luxembourgeoise des Arts Martiaux (French: Luxembourg Marital Arts Federation)
FLAMForeign Language Association of Missouri
FLAMForces de Libération Africaines de Mauritanie (African Liberation Forces of Mauritania)
FLAMFree Left Alu Monomer (molecular biology)
FLAMFault Location And Monitoring
FLAMForce Level Applications Management
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With his tall, strong body, high cheekbones and firm jaw, his black hair tied with a thong behind his neck, he seems a living version of the wooden figure of the great god Nimo that Flam's grandfather carved from a tree trunk many years ago, long before I was born, and before Flam himself was born.
At Myrdal, the passenger train makes way for the well-known Flamsbana, the Flam Railway, which is a special tourist train.
Cutty Flam will open the concert with a mix of rockabilly and 1950s B-movie soundtracks.
Other disclosures allege Mr Cameron was a member of a 'dope smoking group' called the Flam Club at Oxford University.
Berenice Abbott's "Flam and Flam, 165 East 121st Street, Manhattan" (1938) is an essentially documentary image in which a mosaic of window signs advertises the services of a diverse group of lawyers, bail bondsmen, process servers, and notaries, including the amusingly named firm Flam and Flam occupying the ground floor.
Flam, a science writer who pens a sex column for The Philadelphia Inquirer, seeks a scientific answer to this often-asked question.
In her latest book, science writer Faye Flam explores genetics, culture and history to explain how this drive for pleasure plays itself out in human relationships and in the real world.
At Tuesday's event, Rabbi Jennifer Flam from Temple Aliyah will discuss "Song of Songs: Holy or Blasphemous?
Ports of call are Bergen, Flam, Gudvangen and Rosendal, allowing you to discovery Norway's scenic splendour.
Jack Flam [Berkeley: University of California Press, 1996], 10).
After this he turns to the European Convention on Human Rights which lies behind all this flim flam and deals with various 'rights' in turn.