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FLANFlying Local Area Network
FLANFuture Lawyers Alliance Network
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Show guests and celebrities would queue up to spend the two-and-a-half hours of the show in The Cage, in which they would be showered in beans, goo, flan, water and other substances.
Pipe decoratively or spoon the meringue onto the flan, then carefully place back into the oven to brown slightly.
In Guatemala, a soft cheese was added to flan, giving it the delicate density of cheesecake.
Anarchy rules: From left, Tiswas presenters Chris Tarrant, Sally James, Gordon Astley, the Phantom Flan Finger and, below, his alter ego Benny Mills.
Pour second third of dark chocolate into the flan case, then repeat with second half of the white chocolate and swirl again.
Set oven 180c/gas 4, line seven-inch flan tin with pate sucre.
Chairman of the Clare Tourism Council Flan Garvey said: "It's a great opportunity lost, the cameras of the world would have been on the Prince in the Burren.
To compensate for this, allow the pastry to creep over the edge of the flan ring when you build the pastry case that will house your zesty filling
These start off as a giant flan of crispy pastry, l2in.
This week, in another recipe specially for Sunday People Magazine readers, he turns his attention to a wonderful Welsh cheese which is ideal for making a highly-original flan