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FBFacebook (website)
FBFantasy Baseball
FBBulgaria Air (airline code)
FBFrauenbeauftragte (German: Women's Assembly)
FBFirst Blood (gaming clan)
FBBoard Feet (Canada)
FBFacilities Based
FBFinalBurn (arcade game emulator)
FBFacilities Board
FBFirebat (Starcraft game)
FBFire Bush
FBFast Broadcasting
FBFurukawa Battery Co. Ltd. (Japan)
FBFatty Bombatty (font)
FBFunbots (QuakeNet gaming)
FBFoolish Buyer (real estate)
FBFauve de Bourgogne (rabbit breed)
FBFailure Biasing
FBFrontline Brothers (gaming clan)
FBFour-way Box
FBFarside Blues
FBFine Business (morse code used by ham radio operators)
FbFrederiksberg (Danish railway station)
FBFarum Boldklub (Danish soccer club)
FBFinance Bureau (Hong Kong)
FBFlat Bed
FBFinal Boss (gaming clan)
FBFriends with Benefits
FBFinance Battalion
FBFootbridge (UK maps)
FBFixed Bridge
FBFishing Boat
FBFull Bridge
FBFuse Board
FBFrame Buffer
FBFreight Bill
FBFarm Bureau
FBFast Busy
FBFat Bastard
FBFenerbahce (Turkey)
FBFenian Brotherhood
FBFighter Bomber
FBFire Base
FBFire Break
FBFiring Battery
FBFixed Block
FBFlat Bar
FBForeign Body
FBForward Boundary
FBFoul Ball
FBFeature Board (Cisco)
FBFully Built (rebuild engine with aftermarket parts, generally high power output)
FBFire Builder (Mic-O-Say, Heart of America Council, Boy Scouts of America)
FBFireball (gaming)
FBFederal Building
FBFusebox (web application framework)
FBFruits Basket (anime)
FBFun Buddy (polite form)
FBFinger Breadth
FBFelügyelo Bizottság (Hungarian: Supervisory Board)
FBFraming Bit
FBFly Ball (baseball)
FBFull Bath
FbFrom Below
FBFinancing Bill
FBFast Break
FBFozzie Bear (The Muppet Show character)
FBFull Board (hospitality industry)
FBFiber-Optic Backbone
FBFenerbahce (Turkish Soccer Team)
FBFrostburn (roleplaying games, Dungeons & Dragons)
FBFiber Board
FBFurnace Brazing
FBFriendship Book (swapping)
FBFuse Block
FBFresno Bee (newspaper)
FBFerris Bueller (movie character)
FBFringe Benefit
FBFluxbox (Unix/Linux window manager)
FBFrank Black (musician)
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He said the flashbacks he suffers from vary from giving CPR to a severely injured soldier to seeing his colleagues drive over a bomb.
Add them during editing, or let the software add them automatically when inserting a FlashBack movie or video file.
Regardless, the Flashback Trojan -- and the botnet created in its wake--has been a wake up call for Mac users and for Apple.
The Flashback software, also known as "Flashfake", advertises itself for download on infected websites as a Java software add-on or applet, experts said.
and the narrative-journey seems as authentic as a flashback experience itself.
Witt Flashback arrestors can be mounted in any position or orientation with one flashback arrestor connected to protect each individual piece of equipment.
However, 32% of those surveyed had at least one exposure, 10% had experienced flashbacks, and 5% had experienced symptoms within the prior month, said Dr.
Subjects expressing a wider variety of psychotraumatic symptoms, including flashbacks, avoidance, or hyperarousal, in the prior month.
This time it includes Pascal Rioult's Bolero, Charles Moulton's 48-person ball-passing (a flashback from the 1980s), and Yoshiko Chuma's School of Hard Knocks; and groups making their NYC debut that are touted to be insanely good: Tania Perez-Salas (left) and Aditi Mangaldas.
The technique of flashback in selected Northern Sotho literary texts
Leamington Spa, England, has released BB FlashBack 1.
The flashback scenes have been filmed by members of the cast, who include Philip Mitchell, 17, of Redcar, and Phillip Glass, 22, of Eston, in the lead roles.