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FLIFlick (Motion Video Format)
FLIFos-Like Immunoreactivity (neuroscience)
FLIForeign Language Institute
FLIFlexible Line Interpretation (graphics format on 8-bit computers)
FLIFluid Level Indicator (engines/transmissions)
FLIFluorescence Line Imager
FLIAtlantic Airways Faroe Islands (ICAO code)
FLIForce Level Information
FLIFuel Level Indicator
FLIFederation of Lasallian Institutions
FLIFriedrich Loeffler Institute (animal health; Germany)
FLIFritz Lipmann Institute (Germany)
FLIForward-Looking Information
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Every Inuit boy prides himself as being a master of the long lash; but it is easy to flick at a mark on the ground, and difficult to lean forward and catch a shirking dog just behind the shoulders when the sleigh is going at full speed.
From time to time a greenish wave of the Northern Lights would roll across the hollow of the high heavens, flick like a flag, and disappear; or a meteor would crackle from darkness to darkness, trailing a shower of sparks behind.
Bute's twinkling eyes, or the flicks of yellow that the rushlight threw on the dreary darkened ceiling.
Flick Fusion's video marketing platform will enable automotive dealerships who utilize CreditMiner's products to dynamically engage a shopper directly from a Flick Fusion video.
Hope Sutherland finished third (9/10 girls) with roundoff, five whips flick, straight back (new) and round-off, five whips flick, tuck back (new).
Based on the comic by Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons, the flick is said to star celebs like David Beckham and Elton John, and set to hit the screens in November 2014.
Once you've created your basic flick with the angled liner, it's easy to go back and extend or thicken it with the pointy end of the nib - it's super precise.
At the conclusion of the tape, Jim was facing the camera with his springer, Flick, sitting next to him at heel.
Fibble - Flick 'n' Roll places players in control of the cute, but curiously brave, Fibble - an extraterrestrial who has crash-landed on earth and become separated from his crew in the process.
But it will be lovely because Flick will be looking down on us and I think she'll be tickled pink that we'll all be there.
Apoorva has been told that Ajay Devgn can be roped in for the flick and the film will have other actors as well.