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FLIRTFlinker Leichter Innovativer Regional-Triebzug (German train)
FLIRTFast Light Innovative Regional Train (transportation)
FLIRTFast Ladies Into Riding Together (motorcycle riding club)
FLIRTForward Looking Infrared Tracking
FLIRTFast Linear Intermediate Range Transmission Loss Model
FLIRTFeinberg Library Internet Resource Tracker
FLIRTFree Living Intense Recreation Troupe (Oklahoma)
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It is probable that she will neither love so well, nor flirt so well, as she might do either singly.
I understand: she is in love with James, and flirts with Frederick.
At Brighton she will be of less importance even as a common flirt than she has been here.
I wished to beg you to cease your relations with Miss Miller-- not to flirt with her--to give her no further opportunity to expose herself--to let her alone, in short.
I am afraid your habits are those of a flirt," said Winterbourne gravely.
You're a very nice girl; but I wish you would flirt with me, and me only," said Winterbourne.
But if you won't flirt with me, do cease, at least, to flirt with your friend at the piano; they don't understand that sort of thing here.
But the young man was conscious, at the same moment, that it had ceased to be a matter of serious regret to him that the little American flirt should be "talked about" by low-minded menials.
She had allowed him up to this point to talk so frankly that he had no expectation of shocking her by this ejaculation; but she immediately got up, blushing visibly, and leaving him to exclaim mentally that little American flirts were the queerest creatures in the world.
We don't like romps and flirts, though we may act as if we did sometimes.
If a man could not love and be wise, surely he could flirt and be wise at the same time?
I'm not trying to flirt with you, though I suppose you think I am