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FLOEFriends of Lasting Outdoor Education (Canada)
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Since then the ice floe holding both cameras has drifted about 375 miles south.
Finding a suitable ice floe for the stations is becoming harder every year due to global climate change.
When they sent an SOS call on May 8, their floe had cracked into six parts, Russian state television reported.
The break-up of the ice floe poses a threat not only to the station itself and the 16 scientists working there, but could also cause environmental pollution in the area near Canada where it is drifting, the ministry said.
Around 180 people, mostly fishermen, were rescued from a floe off the town of Vakarbulli, while another 43 people were taken off the ice near the seaside resort of Jurmala.
The emergency services said they received a report at midday that an ice floe was drifting into the Sea of Okhotsk with hundreds of fishermen on it.
A January blizzard blows their home floe back over the Antarctic Circle--farther north than they have been in a year.
More than 130 fisherman stranded for up to four hours on a miles-wide ice floe that broke away from Lake Erie's shoreline were plucked to safety.
ARCTIC: Twenty Russian scientists have been rescued from their camp on an ice floe in the Arctic that was melting faster than expected, a spokesman for the expedition said yesterday.
A cameraman is stranded on an ice floe with a polar bear.