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We live in freedom, but you bow down to and slave for men, who in return for your services flog you with whips and put collars on your necks.
She is sorry to find he is discontented, which is sinful and horrid, and hopes Mr Squeers will flog him into a happier state of mind; with which view, she has also stopped his halfpenny a week pocket-money, and given a double-bladed knife with a corkscrew in it to the Missionaries, which she had bought on purpose for him.
He threatened to flog Figs violently, of course; but Cuff, who had come to himself by this time, and was washing his wounds, stood up and said, "It's my fault, sir--not Figs'--not Dobbin's.
You shall flog a stream before breakfast and after dinner, if you like.
Do we not know that the man who has been born and bred among its wrongs; who has seen in his childhood husbands obliged at the word of command to flog their wives; women, indecently compelled to hold up their own garments that men might lay the heavier stripes upon their legs, driven and harried by brutal overseers in their time of travail, and becoming mothers on the field of toil, under the very lash itself; who has read in youth, and seen his virgin sisters read, descriptions of runaway men and women, and their disfigured persons, which could not be published elsewhere, of so much stock upon a farm, or at a show of beasts:- do we not know that that man, whenever his wrath is kindled up, will be a brutal savage?
This suggested itself as the very best thing that could possibly be done with him: the probability being, that the skipper would flog him to death, in a playful mood, some day after dinner, or would knock his brains out with an iron bar; both pastimes being, as is pretty generally known, very favourite and common recreations among gentleman of that class.
They will shut me up in a stone room, dark and cold, and chain me up to the wall, Nell-- flog me with whips, and never let me see thee more
and he picked up the whip, preparing himself with relish to flog the little mare.
Mr Martin said: "We always enjoy filming in Wales and I speak for the entire Flog It team when I say that we are really pleased to be bringing the show to Margam Country Park.
All valuations are free, and Flog It differs from similar shows in that its teams of experts and the public decide whether certain items should go to auction.
Flog It will have rules of gameplay that will be straightforward and allow players as young as 7 years of age to enjoy it thoroughly.
Filming for BBC1 show Flog It at Bangor University yesterday; insets, Doreen Roscoe Williams has porcelain valued by expert Christina Trevanion and presenter Paul Martin looks at jewellery brought in by Helen Aslett from Bangor Pictures: RICHARD WILLIAMS