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FLFlorida (US postal abbreviation)
FLFort Lauderdale (Florida)
FLFort Lewis (Washington)
FLFirst Lady
FLFrench Lick (Indiana)
FLFlash (nautical navigation)
FLFinish Line
FLForeign Language
FLFlight Line
FLFast Lane
FLFreightliner (truck manufacturer)
FLFront Line
FLForward Looking
FLFruityloops (audio software)
FLFlight Level
FLFlawless (diamonds)
FLFocal Length
FLFoot Locker
FLFlensburg (German city)
FLFire Lake (Bob Seger Song)
FLFull Load
FLFetlife (social application)
FLFlorin (coin)
FLFacilities List
FLFork Length (fish measurement)
FLFreelancer (computer game)
FLFuzzy Logic
FLFlashing Light
FLFollicular Lymphoma (cancer)
FLAirtran (ICAO code)
FLFound Living (geneology)
FLFuerstentum Liechtenstein
FLFile List
FLField Level (STARS Standard Accounting and Reporting System)
FLFlanker (football position)
FLForce Level
FLFlerovium (chemical element)
FLFluid Level
FLFlammable Liquid
FLFluorescence Microscopy
FLFranz Liszt (classical composer)
FLFoot Loose
FLFloruit (Latin: Flourished)
FLFinancial Leverage
FLFemur Length
FLForced Landing
FLFault Location
FLFreie Liste (German: Free List, Liechtenstein)
FLFiber-Optic Link
FLFace Left
FLFlintholm (Danish railway station)
FLFire Lord (video game)
FLFormat Line
FLFail Last
FLFoot-Lambert (luminance unit)
FLFemtoliter (10E-15 liter)
FLFrylock (cartoon character)
FLFloor Levelness (concrete construction)
FLFarben Lehre (Polish punk-rock band)
FLFrench Lop (breed of rabbit)
FLFlexible Link
FLFlagship Lounge (American Airlines first class lounge)
FLFunctional Location
FLFailed Link
FLFerretería Lewonski (Guatemalan buyer company)
FLFolded Letter
FLFuller Lodge (Los Alamos, NM)
FLForeign Lady
FLFunctional Library
FLFlanker Back (football; old position)
FLFree Leech
FLFriedmann-Lemaître Metric (an exact solution of Einstein's field theory of relativity)
FLFaceoffs Lost (hockey)
FLFachlehrkraft (German schools)
FLFloor Lieutenant
FLFlexileave (UK)
FLFederal Libertarian
FLLighting correction factor
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Finally, the edition will include an extensive General Index containing a detailed list of names (including, where possible, birth, death and/or floruit dates) and locations.
Coincidia dicho periodo de floruit intelectual hispalense con el nacimiento de obras de visible fuste y calado como los poemas epico-mitograficos de Mal Lara, sus valiosas aportaciones al teatro humanistico o la Descripcion de la Galera Real (en este sentido, veremos, mas abajo, los paralelos textuales compartidos por los amigos).
Isidorus, uir egregius, hispalensis ecclesiae episcopus Leandri episcopi sucessor et germanus, floruit a tempore Mauritii imperatoris et Reccaredi regis; in quo quiddam sibi antiquitas uindicauit, immo nostrum tempus antiquitatis in eo scientiam imaginauit [.
Even if his floruit falls before the time envisioned by the scope of this book, his work in theology was seminal to the manner in which Christians in the region expressed their theology in Arabic.
Palladas of Alexandria, whose floruit seems to date to the second half of the 4th century CE, early in the Byzantine era, (1) has long been identified as an important figure, even an innovator, in the history of the Greek epigram.
57) En los fragmentos que llegan a nosotros bajo el nombre de Filolao (cuyo floruit podria ser tan tarde como 400 A.
ECHARD, Scriptores Ordinis praedicatorum recensiti, notisque historicis et criticis illustrati, opus quo singulorum vita, praeclareque gesta referuntur, chronologia insuper, seu tempus quo quisque floruit certo statuitur, 2 vols.
12) The stratified floor deposits of this long sequence are dated according to the assumption that pottery styles go through three successive stages: (1) an initial stage where innovative elements begin to be produced on a small scale, (2) a floruit, which represents the peak of production, (3) a fading, when a style slowly disappears.
El origen hispanico de Aristoteles -que habria nacido en Cordoba- se halla en particular en el Chronicon mundide Lucas de Tuy, escrito en el curso del decenio 1230-1240: "Magnus philosophus Aristoteles Hispanus natione in Graecia Platonem audivit; et in multis floruit maxime dialectica et metaphysica" (SCHOTT, A.
THE BRIEF FLORUIT OF THE "SPASMODIC" POETS FOLLOWED CLOSELY ONE OF I nineteenth-century British radicalisms most signal defeats--the ejection of the 1848 People's Charter.