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FLOTForward Line of Own Troops
FLOTFlying Lead Orientaton Tool (subsea flying lead assembly)
FLOTFairbanks Light Opera Theater (Alaska)
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The flotilla has observed and intercepted more than 1,715 commercial ships and oil tankers as well as 314 flying and floating military units of other countries," said the Captian of the 47th flotilla Jafar Tazakor.
He added :"We strongly condemn the Israeli aggression against today's international Flotilla that attempted to break the illegal Israeli siege over 1,8 million people in Gaza.
The Mavi Marmara, the largest passenger ship in the flotilla was carrying more than 550 passengers including two German members of the Bundestag, the parliament, and one Swedish member of parliament.
The Italian flotilla which visited Kuwait included the crown jewel of the Italian Navy and its newest aircraft carrier Cavour, the newest Italian frigate Bergamini, the patrol vessel Comandante Borsini and the supply ship Etna.
the purpose for dispatching the 28th flotilla is both maintaining the security of shipping lines and conveying the message of peace and friendship to the regional countries, and said, This is the first presence of Iran s semi-heavy Younus submarine in the Eastern waters of the Indian Ocean and port of Mumbai in India , as per Rear Admiral Jarreh.
However, Indonesian authorities did not respond to calls for dialogue with the Freedom Flotilla.
Unconfirmed reports have it that Turkish navy ships would accompany the flotilla, something Prime Minister Erdogan has at times threatened.
The OIC cannot accept any report that would whitewash Israel's attack on the humanitarian flotilla and condone Israel's illegal blockade of Palestinian civilians," the statement said.
The Tahrir has been "slammed against the dock by Greek Port Police," the Freedom Flotilla II official Twitter account said early Tuesday, hours before they reported that activists were arrested then assured that lawyers are already in contact with the authorities.
The organizations said the Freedom Flotilla is 'a courageous act of political protest' which shows the worldwide support towards Palestinians and rejects the Israeli siege on 1.
The main issue is whether the Israelis will let the Flotilla come," Elmadhoun told me last Monday in his office in the Foreign Ministry.
IDF sources said that at least one of the ships participating in the Gaza flotilla this week contained chemical weapons, most likely sulfur.