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FIVFeline Immunodeficiency Virus
FIVFederazione Italiana Vela (Italian: Italian Sailing Federation)
FIVFecondation in Vitro (French: In Vitro Fertilization)
FIVFacilité d'Investissement pour le Voisinage (French: Investment Facility Neighborhood; EU)
FIVFlow-Induced Vibration
FIVFédération Internationale du Vieillissement (International Federation on Ageing)
FIVFormation Isolation Valve
FIVFuel Isolation Valve
FIVFIV Racing Championship
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Flow-Induced Vibration Analysis of Supported Pipes Conveying Pulsating Fluid Using Precise Integration Method.
An integrated FSI capability is an absolute requirement for the study of flow-induced vibration.
AREVA will also provide a diverse range of analyses, including fuel critical heat flux and component flow-induced vibration, and control rod assembly drop alignment tests.
The unique sensor shape reduces draft and flow-induced vibration.
Topics addressed at conferences in the last couple of years include flow-induced vibration, vibration and acoustic measurement techniques and facilities, rotating machinery noise, and sound propagation in the atmosphere.
His research focuses on the dynamics of offshore structures and flow-induced vibration.
Flow-Induced Vibration of Power and Process Plant Components: A Practical Workbook.
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