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FLUXFlorida Linux User Xchange
FLUXFranc Luxemburguès (national currency)
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Kezia's entrance, with very black looks, to inquire if she shouldn't bring in the tea now, or whether the toast was to get hardened to a brick, was a seasonable check on Bob's flux of words, and hastened his parting bow.
If you had the scientific imagination, you would cast your mind forward from this one fact, and you would see some few millions of years hence--a mere passing moment in the enormous flux of the ages--the whole world teeming once more with the animal and human life which will spring from this tiny root.
Flux has also partnered with Barclaycard to explore the enabling of major retailers, such as EAT, to deliver digital receipts to their customers.
When asked to perform an audit of benchtop materials, the first thing I advise is to remove all flux bottles from the benches.
The mechanism of how salt fluxes work has been attributed to thermodynamic chemical reactions and surface tension effects between the aluminum oxide and the flux, the aluminum oxide and the molten metal, and the molten metal and the flux.
Huang and Zhao introduce basic principles of magnetic flux leakage detection, its use to identify and quantify defects in products and components, and its implementation techniques.
The via holes permitted flux volatile ingredients to outgas and escape during reflow, and for some of the flux residue to drain to the back side of the board.
Determining short-wave radiation flux (Qsw) in Chabahar Bay:
of Intertronics: “CircuitWorks flux dispensing pens provide a convenient and clean way to apply a variety of flux types commonly used in prototype, rework and repair and low volume production - with controlled and exact application.
Flux co-founder Chris Anthony who steps down as chairman, will remain on the board and the company said that these appointments expanded the members to five.
Selon l'ONU, pres de 60% de ces flux proviennent des activites des entreprises multinationales et pres de 30% d'activites purement criminelles, dont le trafic de drogue, la traite des etres humains et la corruption.
The new synthetic Calcium-Magnesium Aluminate, FLUX B and FLUX C, contain MgO in microcrystalline phases and can be added to the slag in form of dust free aggregates in the same way as classical Calcium-Aluminate Fluxes, FLUX A.