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FLYERFinger Lakes Youth Encouraging Responsibility
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Using an extremely lightweight and efficient amorphous silicon solar panel built on a flexible polymer substrate allows the Flyer to harness the sun's energy from numerous angles and eliminates the need for batteries.
Creating a eye-catching and memorable flyer is a skill in itself, as is producing a reliable real estate flyer template, so a new free app from Canadian developers Teak Mobile will bridge the gap between classic and new Realtor tools seamlessly.
Ltd (DNP) has announced Shopping-link Flyer, a new function for its currently available e-flyer services that allows for the easy purchase of products by clicking on product images listed on flyers.
CBA members can opt in to the Qantas Frequent Flyer Direct option, through which all points earned each month will be automatically transferred to the members' Qantas Frequent Flyer accounts.
Summary: Church officials and politicians in Akkar played down the impact of a flyer dropped at a church the area, ahead of next month's visit to the area by Maronite Patriarch Beshara Rai.
I was annoyed by the flyer for two reasons: first because of the BSNs discrimination against gays and nontheists, and second because the contact person listed on the flyer was officially identified as being on the board of the school's Parent Teacher Association.
MOJAVE - The possible takeoff date for the Virgin Atlantic Global Flyer in its attempt to circle the globe has slid from Feb.
According to a recent study by Frequent Flyer magazine and J.
The wind tunnel, measuring 24 m by 37 m (80 ft by 120 ft), is big enough to hold an entire 747 jet--the Flyer spans only 12 m (40 ft) front wingtip to wingtip.
During our own evacuation due to Hurricane Rita, we sat on [Fuchs-Young's] back porch, planning supply deliveries, editing public service announcements [PSAs], and identifying scientists in distant states to provide reliable information and data for flyers.
April 1 marks the start of a new travel era as the Swiss TravelClub becomes Miles & More, the new SWISS frequent flyer program.
John Marinucci, Chief Executive Officer of New Flyer, commented, "We have enjoyed an excellent working relationship with the Harvest Partners team and want to thank them for the outstanding support they have given New Flyer.