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FNFood Network (TV channel)
FNFront National
FNFunction (keyboard key, BASIC keyword)
FNFactory New
FNFinancial News
FNFirst Name
FNFirst Nation
FNFood and Nutrition (academic courses)
FNFight Night (video game)
FNFalse Negative
FNFile Number
FNFireman (Navy)
FNFireman (USCG, USN)
FNFabrique Nationale de Herstal (Belgian firearms manufacturer)
FNFormula Nippon (Japan)
FNForenede Nationer (Danish: United Nations)
FNFirst Night
FNForces Nouvelles (Côte d'Ivoire)
FNForente Nasjoner (UN)
FNFinancial Network
FNFeliz Navidad (Spanish: Merry Christmas)
FNFirst Notice
FNFabrique National (arms maker and its rifles)
FNFernando de Noronha (Brazil)
FNFebrile Neutropenia
FNForeign National
FNFinding Nemo (movie)
FNFowler-Nordheim (electronics)
FNFlat Nose (bullet)
FNFunctional Description
FNFeistel Network
FNFracture Numérique (French: Digital Divide)
FNFind Number
FNFocus Now (Texarkana, Texas)
FNFlight Nurse
FNFroude Number
FNForced Normalization
FNFakultetsnämnden (Swedish: Faculty Board)
FNFundación Natura (Spanish: Nature Foundation)
FNFORCEnet (US Navy)
FNFuzzy Navel (cocktail)
FNFog Nozzle
FNFuture Navy
FNFolder Navigation
FNFragged Nation (gaming website)
FNFaith Networks
FNFully Non-Reciprocal Method
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Other changes to the 2016 schedule and footnotes include:
Nowhere are footnotes mentioned because they do not exist in published financial statements.
The footnote for pneumococcal vaccines provides clarification about the recommendations for PCV13 (Prevnar 13) and PPSV23 in children and adolescents, "which have been stratified according to age and according to degree of risk," he added.
Of course, Professor Austin would likely find that, by disclosing here my own footnoting record against the standards set forth in the Footnotes article, the resulting footnote is improperly dense.
For Willis and the rest of the Footnote team, providing an online forum that has the potential to cultivate discussion, discovery, and sharing was simply "the right thing to do.
After slogging through the book's 518 pages of text and its 195 pages of bibliography, footnotes, and index--and making a few phone calls to check some of his facts--I have my doubts.
Justice Scalia mockingly awarded footnote 21 "the Prize for the Court's Most Feeble Effort" to fabricate justification for a decision that rests "upon nothing but the personal views of its members.
NFB producer Silva Basmajian, winner of this year's Crystal Award for Outstanding Achievement from Women in Film and Television -- Toronto, says it's all about the footnotes.
But Grafton warns us that footnotes guarantee nothing in themselves.
The ideal statement seems to be succinctly declared in Vademecum, footnote 32, as follows:
He refers to 'that brighter palace of art which reclaims for antique variety so large an area of a monotonous suburb', and this needs a footnote, explaining that it was the South Kensington Museum, now the Victoria and Albert Museum.