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FOPFraternal Order of Police
FOPFundamentals of Planning (course)
FOPField of Play
FOPFederal Operating Permit (various locations)
FOPFibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva
FOPFactors of Production
FOPFrequently Occurring Problem
FOPFormatting Objects Processing
FOPFormatting Object Parser
FOPFred. Olsen Production (Norway)
FOPFugitive Operations Program (est. 2003; US DHS)
FOPFlash Operator Panel
FOPFlowery Orange Pekoe
FOPFramework of Partnership (various organizations)
FOPFairly Oddparents (cartoon)
FOPFront of Pack (food labeling)
FOPFirst-Order Perturbation (nuclear energy)
FOPForm of Payment
FOPFree Of Payment
FOPFollow on Production (US NASA)
FOPFormatting Object Processor
FOPFeature Oriented Programming
FOPFibrodisplasia Osificante Progresiva (Spanish: Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva)
FOPFriends of Police
FOPFédération Française des Producteurs d'Oléagineux et de Protéagineux (French)
FOPFlight Operations Plan
FOPFresh Off the Plane
FOPFederation of Planets (Star Trek)
FOPForward Observation Post
FOPFinancial Operating Plan
FOPFull Order of Protection (law; various locations)
FOPFinished Open Porch (building code)
FOPFunction Operation
FOPFrank O. Pinion (St. Louis radio personality)
FOPField Operating Procedure
FOPFormatting-Object Parser
FOPForecast Of Procurement
FOPOptical Fibre Plate
FOPFountains of Paradise (Arthur C. Clarke novel)
FOPFactory Order Processing
FOPFriends of Plaid
FOPFibre Optic Patch
FOPFound on Post (US DoD)
FOPFurthest-On Point
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Whether fortified foods can qualify for use of FOP symbols.
Diversas formulaciones relacionadas con FID < FCV y FOP [FID< (FCV + FOP)/2; FID/WISCIII < (FCV + FOP)/2] indican sensibilidad para TDAH que oscila entre el 71,3 y el 81,4% (Lopez-Villalobos et al.
FOP is occasionally misdiagnosed, sometimes as cancer or some other condition.
She was given 18 names, the complete list of living FOP patients known to the NIH.
1995) reported that resistant lines and cultivars from race Durango possessed a single dominant gene that controls resistance to Fop race 4.
Under the consultant's advice, the FOP became more politically active, endorsing and contributing money to political candidates.
Several state and national law enforcement organizations, including the Ohio FOP and the Buckeye Sheriffs Association, have endorsed Browns bill.
M2 EQUITYBITES-August 19, 2015-La Jolla Pharmaceutical Company awarded US FDA's orphan drug designation for two novel compounds for FOP
It was only last year, when she was taken to hospital with lumps on her neck, that a medic who had seen FOP before spotted the problem.
FOP nutrition disclosures are typically used to provide nutrient information that may help consumers more easily determine if a particular food is a healthy option.
Tenders are invited for Construction of bunker (02 nos) at bop fop of 80 bn bsf under shq bsf i/nagar