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FCLFull Container Load
FCLFacility (Security) Clearance
FCLFramework Class Library (Microsoft .NET)
FCLForeclosure (also seen as FC)
FCLFlexible Credit Line (International Monetary Fund)
FCLFault Current Limiter
FCLForecastle (ship's hull)
FCLFuture Concept Lab (Italy)
FCLFamily Community Leadership (various organizations)
FCLFacsimile Command Language (RightFax)
FCLFootball Club de Lorient (French soccer team)
FCLFibre Channel Loop
FCLFeedback Control Loop
FCLFussball Club Luzern (Swiss soccer club)
FCLFarm Credit Leasing Services Corporation (Minneapolis, MN; also seen as FCLSC)
FCLFlorida Combined Life Insurance Company, Inc.
FCLFinished Ceiling Level (architectural notation)
FCLFree Convective Layer (atmospheric science)
FCLFuture Civic Leaders (Washington, DC; est. 2009)
FCLFramework Command Line
FCLFerrite-Coupled Line
FCLFailure Count - Line (Telabs)
FCLFraternity, Charity and Loyalty (Grand Army of the Republic)
FCLFootball Club Lugano (Swiss soccer club)
FCLFORTRAN Command Language
FCLFoster Care Link (UK)
FCLFire Coordination Line
FCLFast Carry Logic
FCLFetal Calf Ligament
FCLFoldback Current Limiter (electronics)
FCLFetch Command Load
FCLFoundation Computer Lab (computer skills class)
FCLFeature Code Library (Trimble Corporation)
FCLFuze Cavity Liner
FCLFlight Clearance Letter
FCLFunctional Capability List
FCLFussballclub Locarno (Swiss soccer club)
FCLForeign Civil Litigation
FCLFull Camera Link (Farbversion)
FCLFylde Community Link (UK charitable organization)
FCLFoundation Class Library (computing)
FCLFirst Class Letter (USPS)
FCLFort Canning Lodge (Young Women's Christian Association; Singapore)
FCLFinancial Component of Liabilities (insurance)
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Texas and Michigan each documented monthly decreases in foreclosure activity in September, but both states still reported more than 14,000 foreclosure filings for the month.
Of the five boroughs, Staten Island had the highest rate of foreclosure auctions per household in Q3 2006, about twice the rate of Brooklyn and over 10 times the rate of Manhattan.
Colorado foreclosure activity spiked nearly 60 percent from the previous month and the state documented the nation's highest state foreclosure rate for the sixth month in a row, with one new foreclosure filing for every 301 households.
But with new one foreclosure for every 1,592 households, the state's foreclosure rate remained below the national average.
A relative's legal troubles pushed Cheryl Webster, 41, into foreclosure twice within the last two years.
The mortgagee's basis in property received through voluntary reconveyance, foreclosure or abandonment is the adjusted basis of the indebtedness for which the property served as security, determined as of the acquisition date, plus acquisition costs.
How to Stop Foreclosure With several years in of experience in this area, Consumer Action Law Group has become the premier law firm for stopping foreclosures and giving consumers free legal advice how to stop foreclosure .
Foreclosure starts were up in both judicial (+39 percent) and non-judicial states (+2o percent).
In this Commentary, we explain how the foreclosure rate captures two distinct features of the foreclosure process--the flow of new foreclosures and the length of time it takes foreclosures to transit out of the foreclosure process.
Of the 15 New York City zip codes with the most foreclosure auctions scheduled in February of this year, 12 were in Queens, two in Staten Island and one in the Bronx.
However, I am hopeful that our new administration's plan to stem the foreclosure tide will take hold and we will see fewer foreclosures by year end," adds McGee, also president of ForeclosureS.