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FCLFull Container Load
FCLFacility (Security) Clearance
FCLFramework Class Library (Microsoft .NET)
FCLForeclosure (also seen as FC)
FCLFlexible Credit Line (International Monetary Fund)
FCLFault Current Limiter
FCLForecastle (ship's hull)
FCLFuture Concept Lab (Italy)
FCLFamily Community Leadership (various organizations)
FCLFacsimile Command Language (RightFax)
FCLFootball Club de Lorient (French soccer team)
FCLFibre Channel Loop
FCLFeedback Control Loop
FCLFussball Club Luzern (Swiss soccer club)
FCLFarm Credit Leasing Services Corporation (Minneapolis, MN; also seen as FCLSC)
FCLFlorida Combined Life Insurance Company, Inc.
FCLFinished Ceiling Level (architectural notation)
FCLFree Convective Layer (atmospheric science)
FCLFuture Civic Leaders (Washington, DC; est. 2009)
FCLFramework Command Line
FCLFerrite-Coupled Line
FCLFailure Count - Line (Telabs)
FCLFraternity, Charity and Loyalty (Grand Army of the Republic)
FCLFootball Club Lugano (Swiss soccer club)
FCLFORTRAN Command Language
FCLFoster Care Link (UK)
FCLFire Coordination Line
FCLFast Carry Logic
FCLFetal Calf Ligament
FCLFoldback Current Limiter (electronics)
FCLFetch Command Load
FCLFoundation Computer Lab (computer skills class)
FCLFeature Code Library (Trimble Corporation)
FCLFuze Cavity Liner
FCLFlight Clearance Letter
FCLFunctional Capability List
FCLFussballclub Locarno (Swiss soccer club)
FCLForeign Civil Litigation
FCLFull Camera Link (Farbversion)
FCLFylde Community Link (UK charitable organization)
FCLFoundation Class Library (computing)
FCLFirst Class Letter (USPS)
FCLFort Canning Lodge (Young Women's Christian Association; Singapore)
FCLFinancial Component of Liabilities (insurance)
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When the mortgagor is solvent and personally liable, the outstanding debt is considered realized to the extent of the property's fair market value at the reconveyance, foreclosure or abandonment date.
Foreclosures increased across all regions despite temporary halts by major banks and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, primarily in the second half of February, in anticipation of the Obama administrations foreclosure mitigation effort.
Of the 15 New York City zip codes with the most foreclosure auctions scheduled in February of this year, 12 were in Queens, two in Staten Island and one in the Bronx.
The process is known as a short sale and specially-trained short sale real estate brokers and agents are now in high demand by not only upside-down homeowners, but also lenders who will save tens of thousands of dollars or more by avoiding the high cost of completing a foreclosure process.
However, Saccacio noted that even with nearly 850,000 properties entering some stage of foreclosure in 2005, it represented less than 1 percent of all U.
Orange County was one area that bested Los Angeles, with one foreclosure for every 5,075 households.
AcSEC concluded in the practice bulletin the criteria for determining if an in-substance foreclosure has taken place should be the same as those in FRR no.
These latest foreclosure numbers are great news because pre-foreclosures are early signals of what's to come," says Alexis McGee, real estate expert, educator, president of ForeclosureS.
The increases were spread across the country, with the largest volumes of foreclosures in Texas (6,132 active and pending foreclosures; 1,896 new foreclosures), Ohio (4,162 active and pending foreclosures; 1,087 new foreclosures), Michigan (4,001 active and pending foreclosures; 980 new foreclosures), North Carolina (3,873 active and pending foreclosures; 959 new foreclosures) and Indiana (3,566 active and pending foreclosures; 1,111 new foreclosures).
This gloomy outlook actually drew a chuckle from John Karevoll, a real estate market analyst who tracks foreclosure activity for La Jolla-based DataQuick Information Systems.
Accordingly, EDEA claimed that it is entitled to judgement on its re-foreclosure action in order to terminate any leasehold interest which was not cut off in the original Foreclosure Action.
com analysis shows the foreclosure tidal wave unabated.