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There appeared to be reason for supposing that the drowned informer had hoped for a reward out of this forfeiture, and had obtained some accurate knowledge of Magwitch's affairs.
Justice Aikawa also ordered the final forfeiture of a semi-detached three bedroom flat, and one unit of three bedroom terrace at Cranbel Court, Citiview Estate Arepo, Ogun State, and a plot of land situated at Queen's Garden Estate off Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, to the Federal Government of Nigeria.
On April 16, 2012, the AMLC filed a petition for civil forfeiture with an urgent plea for the issuance of a provisional asset preservation order before the RTC in Makati City against CCOPC.
Civil asset forfeiture practices defy fundamental principles of due process that are central to our nation, the Senators wrote.
Rule 804(b)(6) of the Federal Rules of Evidence practically defines forfeiture by wrongdoing as a "statement offered against a party that wrongfully caused--or acquiesced in wrongfully causing--the declarant's unavailability as a witness, and did so intending that result.
Neily and Lemisch each spoke on several facets of civil forfeiture, with Neily advocating for changes in the practice, while Lemisch promoted many reasons why law enforcement agencies utilize it.
Passing the seized assets to federal authorities is called adoptive forfeiture.
13) The 2 1/2-month period ends on the 15th day of the third month after the later of the employee's or the employer's tax year in which the employee first possesses a legally binding right to the payment unhampered by a substantial risk of forfeiture.
Aglipay, a request for the AMLC to conduct money laundering investigation, to freeze and institute forfeiture proceedings against Li Lan Yan's assets.
Forfeiture assets can be used for eligible plan purposes such as plan administrative expenses or to offset employer contributions.
A substantial risk of forfeiture under a 457(f) plan typically makes the right to payment of plan benefits conditional on the performance of future services measured by time served.
In Rem Forfeiture of the Proceeds of Illegal Transactions