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FGDFire & Gas Detection
FGDFlue Gas Desulfurization
FGDFocus Group Discussion
FGDFeature Group D
FGDFunctional Generative Description (linguistics)
FGDFarrar Gesini Dunn (law firm; Australia)
FGDFonds de Garantie des Dêpots (French: Deposit Guarantee Fund)
FGDForge Game Data (game development)
FGDFamilial Glucocorticoid Deficiency
FGDFish Go Deep (music production team)
FGDFonte Grise Distribution (French metals company)
FGDFrance Gourmet Diffusion (France)
FGDFive God Dragon (trading cards)
FGDFlaming Gorge Dam (Utah)
FGDFinancial Group Directive
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Records said a ground staff at the boarding counter of the European airlines, suspected that the visitors' passports were forged.
In order uniform distribution of the forces along the forging, these kinds of parts are forged in pairs with mirroring.
Along with his accomplice, the accused allegedly falsified the details in the tenancy contract and submitted the forged document to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA).
SuperAlloy also supplies aluminum forged wheels to automakers Chrysler, Ford, GM, Honda Access, Jaguar, Opel, Tesla (electric-vehicle maker), and Toyota TRD.
Police received information that the men had forged and used a note, according to court documents.
Along with the cost rationale for outsourcing the task, Tuchel said he has found that many engineers never learned how to "design in" a forged product but, instead, only know how to design a finished product.
In order to demonstrate the efficiency of the inverse evolutionary search, specific forging cases are presented and they have consider the optimization of the process parameters aiming the reduction of the difference between the realised and the prescribed final forged shape under minimal energy consumption as shown in figure (4),(5) and restricting the maximum temperature.
ICI is currently running its two forging press lines at full capacity in response to burgeoning North American demand for forged crankshafts, producing approximately 1.
Anderson points out that if diesel engines grow in popularity for light vehicles, then the number of forged steel crankshafts will grow accordingly, as the higher compression ratios of that type of engine necessitates the use of steel cranks.
Forged steel billets, depending on the hot working procedure, usually are anisotropic, displaying higher properties parallel to the major flow lines (forging movement direction) and lesser values in radial or transverse directions.
The growing diversity of medical diagnostic Systems and related equipment has led to an increasing demand for forged parts in the medical industry, such as large rings and hubs for MRI scanners, PET scanners, cyclotrons, and other equipment.
HFN REPORT-Thanks to lower prices of source materials and a spike in consumer awareness of how products are made, forged flatware has seen an upswing in popularity recently.