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FPFisher-Price (toy company)
FPFunctional Programming
FPFloating Point
FPFamily Practice
FPFramework Programme (European Union)
FPFrontPage (Microsoft software)
FPFront Page
FPFirst Person
FPFalse Positive
FPFinancial Planning
FPFinancial Planner
FPFirst Post
FPFire Protection
FPFunction Point
FPFrench Polynesia
FPFrame Pointer (register)
FPFocal Plane
FPFinancial Products
FPFolkpartiet Liberalerna (Swedish political party)
FPForce Protection
FPFire Prevention
FPFood Processing
FPFixed Point
FPFreeport (Everquest)
FPFixed Price (contract)
FPFull Power
FPFuel Pump
FPFull Precision (software rendering)
FPFinger Print
FPFlight Plan
FPFree Play
FPFull Paper
FPFair Play
FPFree Pass
FPFlower Power
FPFull Port (valve)
FPFastpass (Disney theme parks)
FPFiring Pin (firearms)
FPFlight Path (gaming, World of Warcraft)
FPFull Product
FPFree Pascal
FPFootpath (UK maps)
FPForbidden Planet (movie; retail shop)
FPFeatured Picture (Wikimedia Foundation)
FPFire Proof
FPFluticasone Propionate
FPFreezing Point
FPFurry Paws (gaming website)
FPFazilet Partisi
FPFine Point
FPFlat Pack (integrated circuit package)
FPFighter Pilot
FPFluorescence Polarization
FPFood Pantry (various organizations)
FPFont Path
FPFamily Plan (insurance)
FPFluid Pressure
FPFalse Prophet (gaming)
FPFloral Park (Nassau County, New York)
FPField Position
FPFirst Printing
FPFast Page (memory)
FPFortepiano (music)
FPFile Processing
FPFix Pack (software)
FPField Point
FPForward Pass (football)
FPFestpreis (German: fixed price)
FPFacility Planning
FPFixed Part
FPFashion Police
FpForte Piano (music dynamic)
FPFine Particulate
FPFission Product (Nuclear Power)
FPFission Product
FPFunctional Performance
FPForce Projection
FPFlame Proof
FPFixed Priority (queue)
FPfiring point (US DoD)
FPField Potential
FPFielding Percentage (baseball)
FPFine Particulate Matter
FPFront Populaire (French: Popular Front)
FPFederal Power Commission
FPFlowery Pekoe (tea classification)
FPFeature Point
FPForce Programs
FPFacial Palsy (medical disorder)
FPFeature Package (Telabs)
FPForce Package
FPFools Paradise
FPFeline Panleukopenia
FPFrame Protocol
FPForward Process
FPFund for Peace
FPFound Property (law enforcement)
FPFlight Pilot
FPFowl Pox
FPFalcon Punch (gaming)
FPFile Protect
FPFlower Points (gaming)
FPFire Post (Singapore Civil Defence Force)
FPFundamental Period
FPFlying Pilot
FPFuse Plug
FPFemoral Pulse
FPFault Prone
FPFunny Papers
FPFlare Pistol
FPFrame Pulse (NEC)
FPForward Perpendicular
FPFlush Pipe
FPFluorescent Penetrant (non-destructive testing)
FPFracture Pattern
FPFramed Poster (entertainment web site)
FPForce Proposal
FPFictitious Play (game theory)
FPFielding Plan
FPFailure Potential
FPFunctional Proponent
FPFree Pratique (shipping)
FPFat Potential
FPForm Pointer
FPAssociation France Parkinson
FPFlank Protection
FPFracture Plane
FPFlickPeek (website)
FPFellow of Photography (Degree)
FPFire Piston (primitive fire making device)
FPForwarding Processor
FPFrequency Panel
FPField Printer
FPForward Pocket (Australian football position)
FPFunctional Pages
FPFUNimation Productions
FPFilter Plenum
FPFamilial Pseudohyperkalemia
FPFixation Preference (ophthalmology)
FPFallout Prediction
FPFully Pressurized
FPFountain Pepsi
FPFiraisankinam-Pirenena (National Union, Madagscar, political party)
FPFullosia Press (online magazine)
FPFunzione Publica
FPFamily Program(s) (various organizations)
FPForensic Psychophysiologists
FPFédération de la Plasturgie (French: Federation of the Plastics Industry)
FPFortified Post
FPFriscoPride (non-profit organization for gay men and women; Frisco, TX)
FPFibrinous Polyserositis (Glasser's disease in pigs)
FPFaulty Polygon
FPFosforeira Portuguesa (Espinho, Portugal)
FPFinance and Procurement Division
FPFinpirates (Finnish private torrent tracker)
FPFungus Patrol
FPFungiform Papilla (biology)
FPFondación Paraguaya (Paraguay microfinance)
FPFitness Program (US Air Force)
FPFabricPath (Cisco)
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For "Ah rammenta, o belle Irene" by Johann Christian Bach (1735-1782), Professor Sellheim reverts to the fortepiano, and one welcomes the touch of authenticity as well as the singers' impressive agility.
California) presents two published, closely related 19th-century German fortepiano manuals, and a related unpublished workshop notebook from approximately 1778-1821.
Apollo's Fire Baroque Orchestra, with John Gibbons, fortepiano.
In association with The Chelsea Festival and performed on an historic Fortepiano, pianist David Owen Norris and singer/broadcaster Catherine Bott present a musical tribute to the great Lord Nelson 200 years after the Battle of Trafalgar.
No first prize for the fortepiano was awarded, but second prize was shared between Elena Privano-Karl (Germany) and Soo-Hyun Park (North Korea).
From FINLANDIA RECORDS we have our final set of sonatas in an impressive three-disc package of Beethoven's Complete Works for Cello and Fortepiano (0630-17698-2) with Anssi Karttunen (cello) and Tuija Hakkila (piano).
Eva Badura-Skoda has long been concerned with the development of keyboard instruments, and in 'The Viennese Fortepiano in Eighteenth-Century Austria', in the book's final section, she describes the evolution of the fortepiano, which she suggests was already known in Vienna by the 1730s.
Silk and muslin brush my hands like moths passing by, the dancers go up and down the room, no one has learned the Valse as yet, fiddle and flute and fortepiano return to the older rhythms.
Almost irresistibly music history pulled them forward, from the harpsichord to the fortepiano, from Handel to Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven, who were thus reborn not as past masters but as innovators and expanders of musical possibility.
Booth's boxwood clarinet oozed milky balm, Oliver Wilson's viola was throatily pungent (how moving to consider Mozart probably wrote the part for himself), and Irving's fortepiano drew us in immediately with its intimate, inward-looking tones.
Listen, for example, to the recitative to Karina Gauvin's exemplary "Mi tradi," its shifts of mood enhanced by the ample decoration; listen, too, to the pointedly active fortepiano throughout.
the recital will have Linck introducing a replica of a guitar by Johann Georg Staufer from the 19th century which has a very similar sound to a fortepiano of the period.