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4WDFour-Wheel Drive
4WDFour Wheel Drive
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The second mode is Sport which is ideal for twisting, country lanes where it maximises four-wheel drive according to the way the car is being driven.
Therein lies the appeal of the crossover, a car that offers a higher driving position, SUV-inspired styling and - for those who want it - four-wheel drive.
I expect the majority of crossovers sold are two-wheel rather than four-wheel drive variants.
Both the diesel and petrol units come in different power variants - 148bhp or 178bhp for the diesel - while power depends on whether its two or four-wheel drive in the petrol.
It handles very well on the corners - which it should do with that four-wheel drive ready to kick in at all times - and is one of those little cars that is quite fun to throw around.
Unlike the manually engaged four-wheel drive systems of the yesteryears, the systems of this day and age are electronically geared, and user friendly.
In normal conditions, only the front wheels are driven, saving fuel, but in slippery conditions four-wheel drive is employed for maximum traction.
It is the fifth model in the Czech company's line-up and will be available in four trim levels with a choice of five engines and two or four-wheel drive.
The fifth model in the Czech company's lineup will be available in four trim levels with a choice of five engines and two or four-wheel drive.
Then there's a four-wheel drive 300bhp V6 model, a 400bhp 4.
The Hilliard front differential for four-wheel drive axles gives true four-wheel drive capability.
In the latest sign of Australians' shift toward environmental protection, a new poll reveals that a majority of the country's drivers say four-wheel drive vehicles are "socially unacceptable" because of their environmental costs.