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FRAGFragmentation Grenade
FRAGfragmentation code (US DoD)
FRAGFlash Red and Green (Xbox game)
FRAGFlorida Resident Assistance Grant
FRAGFlaps, Radio, Air-Conditioning, and Gear (aviation slang)
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Thus, political fragmentation on one side became the precondition for the integration of markets on the other side.
Essays in the last section survey a wide variety of perspectives on the relationship of unity and fragmentation in theology, religious thought, Christian consciousness, and the churches and the human community, by Pierre Vallin, Jean-Pierre Jossua, Gregory Baum, David Tracy, Johannes Brosseder, Joseph Moingt, and Ruggieri.
The new-found pride in a distinctive cultural heritage, which might appear to have been causing fragmentation of a society, was in fact inclusive in nature aiming at fully integrating black Americans into the society by acquiring their full civil rights.
There are, in the literature, dozens of lamentations and jeremiads about the fragmentation of disciplines.
The other problems of the old system of providing health care - access and fragmentation - are also improved.
The analytical models in hydrocodes such as CTH and Mesa describe fragmentation according to artificial parameters in many cases.
Perhaps the issue most threatening to the profession's continued growth is fragmentation in the areas of title transition, professional preparation, credentialing, and professional associations, which could prove harmful to the professional identity and the attainment of greater status for rehabilitation counseling as a profession.
Langgal said SPO1 Fernando, who is serving as a security aide of the former judge, pacified the suspect and tried to retrieve the fragmentation grenade from Dela Cruz.
Data distribution consists in three main activities: data fragmentation, allocation of data fragments to the sites and data replication.
Set the fragmentation thresholds for reorganize and rebuild jobs
More important, Burbank and Cooper point out that jurisdictional fragmentation remained a feature of European empires--to say nothing of postcolonial sovereign states--into the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.
Greece fuelled a rise in fragmentation in the euro area financial markets