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FREEDFoundation of Resources for Equality and Employment for the Disabled
FREEDFamily Resources for Education on Eating Disorders (Bethesda, MD)
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Hannah had never had a chance; never been freed from the daily care and work of the farm.
Churchill, the grief of her husbandher mind glanced over them both with awe and compassionand then rested with lightened feelings on how Frank might be affected by the event, how benefited, how freed.
The ease of his manner freed me from painful restraint: the friendly frankness, as correct as cordial, with which he treated me, drew me to him.
She twisted it this way and that, with quick, dexterous fingers; she laid it in masses on her shoulders; she threw it back from them in a heap and turned sidewise to see how it fell -- to see her back and shoulders freed from the artificial deformities of the padded cloak.
Dreaming, perhaps, of banquets, as the starved usually do, and of ease and rest, as the driven slave and the yoked ox may, its lean inhabitants slept soundly, and were fed and freed.
We passed the night at the old house, which, freed from the presence of the Heeps, seemed purged of a disease; and I lay in my old room, like a shipwrecked wanderer come home.