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FLFlorida (US postal abbreviation)
FLFort Lewis (Washington)
FLFirst Lady
FLFrench Lick (Indiana)
FLFlash (nautical navigation)
FLFinish Line
FLForeign Language
FLFlight Line
FLFast Lane
FLFront Line
FLForward Looking
FLFruityloops (audio software)
FLFlight Level
FLFlawless (diamonds)
FLFocal Length
FLFlensburg (German city)
FLFire Lake (Bob Seger Song)
FLFlorin (coin)
FLFacilities List
FLFork Length (fish measurement)
FLFreelancer (computer game)
FLFuzzy Logic
FLFlashing Light
FLAirtran (ICAO code)
FLFuerstentum Liechtenstein
FLFile List
FLField Level (STARS Standard Accounting and Reporting System)
FLFlanker (football position)
FLFluid Level
FLFlammable Liquid
FLFluorescence Microscopy
FLFranz Liszt (classical composer)
FLFloruit (Latin: Flourished)
FLFinancial Leverage
FLFemur Length
FLForced Landing
FLFault Location
FLFreie Liste (German: Free List, Liechtenstein)
FLFiber-Optic Link
FLFace Left
FlFlintholm (Danish railway station)
FLFire Lord (video game)
FLFormat Line
FLFail Last
FLFoot-Lambert (luminance unit)
fLFemtoliter (10E-15 liter)
FLFrylock (cartoon character)
FLFloor Levelness (concrete construction)
FLFarben Lehre (Polish punk-rock band)
FLFrench Lop (breed of rabbit)
FLFlexible Link
FLFlagship Lounge (American Airlines first class lounge)
FLFunctional Location
FLFailed Link
FLFolded Letter
FLFuller Lodge (Los Alamos, NM)
FLForeign Lady
FLFunctional Library
FLFlanker Back (football; old position)
FLFree Leech
FLFaceoffs Lost (hockey)
FLFachlehrkraft (German schools)
FLFloor Lieutenant
FLFlexileave (UK)
FLFederal Libertarian
FlLighting correction factor
FLFull Load
FLForce Level
FLFort Lauderdale (Florida)
FLFreightliner (truck manufacturer)
FLFriedmann-Lemaître Metric (an exact solution of Einstein's field theory of relativity)
FLFoot Locker
FLFoot Loose
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Not surprisingly, many freelancers think it is easier just to absorb the tax and not charge the client, because they are not too good at negotiating.
Web and mobile development, web designing, internet research and data entry are the key focus areas for Indian freelancers while some of them are also engaged in accounting, graphic design and consultancy.
The founder of The Freelance Collective Nina Hendy agrees, saying Australian freelancers deserve better when it comes to payment terms.
The chance to work on critical, creative, or autonomous journalism is the reason that many writers decide to become freelancers in the first place.
This is a violation of the UAE labour law, which will expose both the employer and the freelancer to severe penalties, including hefty fines and potential criminal action against the defaulters.
Freelancers also use several globally popular sites such as Elance, Upwork and Freelancer.
The experts said nowadays, there are more freelancers working in various fields than ever before and this explosion is due to the rise of internet and added freelancers dwell in abundance in knowledge-based professions such as graphic design, marketing, copywriting, journalism, photography and information technology.
Businesses employing a freelancer should have the independent contractor fill out a contract before beginning any project for the company.
When you become a freelancer, you open the door to a new friend: uncer- tainty.
A customer service job could fetch $3 an hour up to $16 to $17 depending on the expertise of the freelancer.
This simple trick, coined by the Freelancers Union, may allow you to up your price without turning off customers.
Nearly half of those killed were freelancers, journalists who were not working as staff members for any media organization at the time of their deaths.