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FRTFederal Realty Investment Trust
FRTFire Retardant Treated (wood construction)
FRTFault Ride-Through (wind turbine energy)
FRTFemale Reproductive Tract
FRTFast Repetitive Tick (biology)
FRTFonds de la Recherche Technologique (French: technological research funds)
FRTFirst Response Team
FRTFirearms Reference Table
FRTFloating Roof Tank (oil storage)
FRTForward Repair Team
FRTFamily Reunion Travel
FRTFly River Turtle (turtle species)
FRTFlame Retardant Treated (wood processing)
FRTFix Response Time (TL 9000)
FRTFast Response Team
FRTFreight Tons (shipping)
FRTFloating Rototiller
FRTFederally Related Transaction (real estate appraisals)
FRTFungal Research Trust (UK)
FRTFast Rule Theorem
FRTFree Return Trajectory
FRTFlow Recording Transmitter
FRTFlippase Recognition Target
FRTFinland Racing Team (auto racing)
FRTFixed Radio Transmitter
FrtFraction of Residential Power Supplied by Traditional Sources (Carolina Environmental Program)
FRTFull Routing Table
FRTFacial Recognition Test (neurology)
FRTFirst Registration Tax (Hong Kong)
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The new Chicago container freight station is part of a network of more than 360 FedEx Freight service centers across North America.
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Councilman Cameron Smyth urged caution in supporting the project in its current form, because locally imposed limitations could be pre-empted by the federal government, which could back freight passage.
The general classification for railroad equipment (NAICS 3365) includes those companies engaged in building or rebuilding locomotives, railroad, street and rapid transit cars and car equipment for operation on rails for both freight and passenger service.
Customers are getting military freight an average of 15 percent faster than a year ago.
B above, the application of HST to freight charges for continuous (or periodic) shipments raise a number of issues:
91-9, Revenue and Expense Recognition for Freight Ser vices in Process, the EITF reached a consensus that proscribes freight carriers of all types from recognizing revenue upon receipt of freight from the shipper.
March freight volumes were led by a 57 percent increase in freight designated for flatbeds, while dry van freight availability increased 32 percent, and refrigerated ("reefer") loads were up 26 percent month-over-month.
Operating commuter trains and freight trains on the same tracks is not unusual in cities in the West and Southwest, where local leaders have attempted to provide new transit options by grafting commuter rail service onto freight networks.
Sixteen Master Labor Contract personnel who conducted container freight station operations at the battalion will now augment the Defense Distribution Center staff at Yokosuka.
In 1979 the foundry in Granite City produced freight car castings at record levels," said Norman A.
The global air freight sector grew by 7% in 2007 to reach a value of $93.
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