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FUGFlex User Group (software; Adobe Flex)
FUGForeldreutvalget for Grunnskolen (Norwegian: Parents Committee for Basic Education; Oslo, Norway)
FUGFredtalk Users Group (online forum)
FUGFreephone User Group
FUGFenske-Underwood-Gilliland (distillation design)
FUGFraksi Utusan Golongan (Indonesian: Fraction Representing Group)
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Her dedication, energy, patience and talent make up for the fug of snipers and the shouting mum.
In recent weeks there's been a sharp increase in the number of people admitted to hospital with respiratory illnesses and thousands of people have been buying up gas masks to try and avoid inhaling the fug.
SocialiteLife, Go Fug Yourself, Pink is the New Blog, Gorilla vs.
He is shaken out of his fug by Piggy (Paul Anderson), an old school friend of John's, who plants the seed of an idea to take revenge against the men responsible for John's murder.
Saturday Kitchen (Saturday, believe it or not, BBC One) is the foodie equivalent but minus the fug of gin and defeat.
You went into a pub knowing you would be making a hole in the fug and left with your hair smelling and the certainty that your clothes needed a wash to remove the stale aftermath of dozens of Fag Ash Lils.
Shopkeepers lit smoky oil lamps - I'll never forget the warm, acrid fug - and cash went in and out of manual tills.
The 2000 existing low-tech stations will soon be joined by another 500 (all coal-fired), and cities like Datong - China's coal capital - now have so much pollution that the sky is dark at noon, so lunchtime traffic has to crawl through the fug with its headlights on.
Lot 3 two-way radios FuG 8b including accessories and assembly.
It moves along at a brisk enough pace but a thick fug of deja vu hangs over every scene.
DID you ever tear the tickets at The Globe in Crawcrook or peer regularly through the cigarette smoke fug at the Corona Picture Hall's big screen in Felling?
Blackpool seems to be making an effort to shrug off the fug of fags and booze which shrouds its reputation and that's no bad thing for a resort in the 21 century which has to be all things to all people in order to survive.