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FUSEDFrench-US Exchange in Dance (French American Cultural Exchange; New York, NY)
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The metal had been fused, and although the room was about fifteen feet high, the globules, dropping on the chairs and furniture, had drilled in them a chain of minute holes.
And commissions and remembrances do so crowd upon one at such a time, that we were still busied with this employment when we found ourselves fused, as it were, into a dense conglomeration of passengers and passengers' friends and passengers' luggage, all jumbled together on the deck of a small steamboat, and panting and snorting off to the packet, which had worked out of dock yesterday afternoon and was now lying at her moorings in the river.
The two main systems used are fused silica and alumina-silicates.
Moreover, chemically treated BeWo cells that were exposed to antibodies to neutralize the gene's protein fused much less often than cells not subjected to the antibodies.
5 The second fused cell grows into a second embryo with same genes as the original fetal cell.
In response to customer concerns regarding equipment damage resulting from system shorts, we developed the TBW Series Tantalum Fused Capacitor, which offers unparalleled protection against this potentially costly problem," said Bob Fairey, General Manager - Biddeford.
Outputs may include any combination of short axis, vertical long axis and horizontal long axis as PET, Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT), CT or fused images.
Laboratories and Fused Kontacts reflects the increasing consolidation of our industry segment.
The downside of fusing is that one sea squirt can parasitize the other, essentially taking over its body by means of mobile stem cells, which transplant themselves between the fused individuals through the shared circulatory system.