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FUTForschung und Technik (German: Research and Technology)
FUTFaceless Ugly Teddy (cartoon character)
FUTFacilities Utilities Team
FUTFuel Usage Takeback
FUTFunctional User Training
FUTFIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) Ultimate Team (gaming)
FUTFunctional Unit Test
FUTFollicular Unit Transplant
FUTFriendly User Trials
FUTFollowup-To (newsgroups)
FUTFederal Unemployment Tax
FUTFixed Umbilical Tower
FUTFiber Under Test
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Bell himself was perhaps the first to see the future of the telephone exchange.
But with her present, with her future, when they change like this young lady's, I suppose everything else changes.
Here's to our futures," she cried, "I wish that every day of our lives may be better than the one that went before.
Perhaps in time she may grow accustomed to work with her needle, but, whatever happens, I have secured her future.
Both might be necessary in the future, but she had first to purge a greater crime than any that Helen could have committed--that want of confidence that is the work of the devil.
She left the room, with the will and the letter in her hand -- with the natural, human pity at her heart which sealed her lips and shut her eyes resolutely to the future.
Suppose, then, the convention had been inclined to proceed upon the principle of a repartition of the objects of revenue, between the Union and its members, in PROPORTION to their comparative necessities; what particular fund could have been selected for the use of the States, that would not either have been too much or too little too little for their present, too much for their future wants?
It will vanish, pass into future Time, and disappear.
At any rate, whether we expect another invasion or not, our views of the human future must be greatly modified by these events.
You write that you dare not look forward into the future.
WHILE such happy prospects were opening on the future life of her friend, the time of Charlotte Henley was very differently occupied in the country.
Happily for Adrienne, she had too many positive cares, to be enabled to waste many minutes either in retrospection, or in endeavors to conjecture the future.