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GAFFGaffers Tape (technical theater)
GAFFGeneral Amber Force Field
GAFFGen Art Film Festival (various locations)
GAFFGrassroots Action on Food and Farming (UK)
GAFFGodawful Fan Fiction
GAFFGive A Flying Flip (polite form)
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Caption: Rodney Isaac and Laurel Gaff feature in the show 'Ever since Helen', by Philippe Talavera, a thought provoking piece that focuses on Gender Violence and all its associated evils.
Gaff, Tree, 2-1/2 Inch, For Bashlin Bd-14 And Bd-16 Climbers.
One of the aims of GAFF, a 40 million credit line in Georgian currency that targets farmers and agribusinesses through local banks, is precisely to help develop this type of food value chain by improving coordination.
Sexton improves her record to 13-2 and sets up with the German, Gaff, later this year.
Richard Gaff, 51, of Springfield, is serving a 16-month sentence at the Oregon State Penitentiary for manufacturing, possessing and selling marijuana and hashish.
Wearing a reefer jacket and peaked cap, Sir James was a fine example of nautical sartorial elegance at the helm of Nerida, a 45-foot gaff cutter built for his late father Tom Hardy before World War II.
Dermot Weld, trainer of Gaff ``He wore a tongue-tie at Fairyhouse but resented it, so we're leaving it off here.
Helen Tew arrived back in Beaulieu River Sailing Club, Hants, after making the trip in a 26ft gaff rig cutter designed for her 60 years' ago by her late husband.
Shadow higher education secretary Boris Johnson said he was yet to make a Newcastle-based gaff, but when he inevitably does he is looking forward to his return.
And she's not just messing about with some mousse and a mirror, the 36-year-old has installed a hairdressers in her New York gaff.