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GAGSGeneric Adventure Game System
GAGSGoogle Advanced Groups Search
GAGSGirls Against Girls Smoking
GAGSGuildford Area Gay Society (Guildford, Surrey, England, UK)
GAGSGraduate Association of Geography Students (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Chapel Hill, NC)
GAGSGroups Against Garbage Stations (Brooklyn, NY)
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Results: C1, C2 and C4 at concentration of 20 and 40 [micro]M significantly increased content of sulphated GAGs in the medium.
The state explains that media gags are used as a way to avoid any impact on the judicial system's work, whereas the opposition rejects it, believing that it aims to stop public controversy or criticism on state violations or the judicial system.
The gag book as it survives in the Theatre Collection is not in its original form; it is made up of a series of handwritten routines and gags that were collected together, typed and pasted into the book by Stephanie Cole, who appeared in some of the pantomimes and was later married to Marshall.
Gags can be found around just about any sort of hard bottom, wreck or artificial reef, but some types of bottom are better than others.
The hydrolysis of GAGs releases oligosaccharides, which are then transferred to the non-reducing termini of other GAG chains.
Since Gags is a clip show with no dialogue, it is well suited for a country that is home to as many different languages as India is.
Forty years ago, when I worked in that show business town of Blackpool, fellow reporter Lennie Bennett produced a great scoop when he persuaded one comic to bang on the dressing room door of another on North Pier and threaten to thump him for stealing his gags.
You can sign up to get the 10 free gags delivered to your mobile or by email, and get the chance to help select the winners.
How did we go from the elaborately designed visual gags of silent-era masters Charles Chaplin, Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd to a slapstick repertoire that's limited to kicks in the crotch and Hilary Duff pratfalls?
The Gag Recap, a national newsletter published in Chalfont, Penn.
Tissue samples revealed that antibodies were binding to GAGs and accumulating in the animals' joints.