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GAGSGeneric Adventure Game System
GAGSGoogle Advanced Groups Search
GAGSGirls Against Girls Smoking
GAGSGuildford Area Gay Society (Guildford, Surrey, England, UK)
GAGSGraduate Association of Geography Students (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Chapel Hill, NC)
GAGSGroups Against Garbage Stations (Brooklyn, NY)
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He came near to bursting a blood vessel in an endeavor to scream "come in" through the stifling gag.
It was several minutes before the tutor was discovered, so completely had the door covered him; but finally he was dragged forth, his gag and bonds cut away, and a liberal application of cold water had hastened returning consciousness.
He tried again and again, and it was impossible; the men who had knotted that gag knew the difference between what a man can do with his hands in front of him and what he can do with his hands behind his head.
The bullet had gone through the gag into the jaw; that is why there was a shot-hole in the scarf, but only one shot.
Never a word spoke they, and the gag effectually prevented me speaking.
Seizing the lion by the mane, Taglat buried his yellowed fangs deep in the monster's throat, growling hideously through the muffled gag of blood and hair.
Take the gag from her mouth and release her hands," he commanded aloud.
The gag in my mouth prevented me from replying, and I could only lie there, helplessly fuming, while he rowed past the island and his voice slowly lost itself in the distance.
The man opened his mouth to shout, but already, with lightning-like dexterity, his assailant had inserted a gag between his teeth.
I am quite aware that by this time I ought to be lying in a dark cellar with a gag in my mouth, or perhaps in the river with a dagger in my chest.
It appears from the will that you worked this disinterested gag, whatever it was, at Marvis Bay no longer ago than last year.
Godfrey felt Christian fingers unfastening his bandage, and extracting his gag.