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GAITGlucosamine/chondroitin Arthritis Intervention Trial (NIH)
GAITGSM/ANSI-136 Interoperability Team
GAITGenerally Accepted IT Principles
GAITGSM ANSI-41 Interoperability Team (cellular technology)
GAITGlobal Alpine Institute of Technology
GAITGround/Airborne Integrated Terminal (GPS)
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GAiT provides public transport in Gdansk based on long-term public service contracts signed with the city, which is the company's sole owner.
Animal's gait was previously only analyzed in fast mammals.
Gait may be initiated by voluntary (visuomotor), emotional (fight or flight reactions) and autonomic systems controlled by the brain, spinal cord and peripheral muscles (Takakusaki, Tomita, & Yano, 2008).
Keywords: Body Weight Support System, Gait Index, Gait Training, Stroke Rehabilitation.
One of the interesting challenges in research on pathological gait concerns understanding how coordinative patterns emerge between limbs (interlimb coordination) and within segments of a limb (intra-limb coordination).
In a study of 112 patients with MCI who were part of the Gait and Brain Study, investigators measured patients' walking speed while only focusing on walking and then again while walking and counting backward from 100 by ones, counting backward from 100 by 7, or naming animals.
Conclusion: The use of AFO has positive effects on gait parameters and functional ambulation in patients with stroke.
Instead of a tripod gait, the researchers found that a "bipod" gait was more effective.
Depression and slow gait share a bidirectional relationship, and inflammation may indirectly lead to depression because of its impact on mobility," said Dr.
I can no longer drive so I saw Harlaw Gait as the ideal place for me to look at.
Gait changes in older adult individuals have been well-documented using biomechanical measures [7-11].
Typically, PPV follows a period of particular emotional stress or vestibular or non-vestibular illness, little is known about changes in gait control of these patients.