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GRDNSGardens (postal suffix)
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For gardens (speaking of those which are indeed princelike, as we have done of buildings), the contents ought not well to be under thirty acres of ground; and to be divided into three parts; a green in the entrance; a heath or desert in the going forth; and the main garden in the midst; besides alleys on both sides.
Perhaps it would be better to go and see what the gardens were like.
The garden was large and elaborate, and there were many exits from the house into the garden.
Standing on the ledge he could see trees far away, which were doubtless the Kensington Gardens, and the moment he saw them he entirely forgot that he was now a little boy in a nightgown, and away he flew, right over the houses to the Gardens.
If you are a burgess of the gardens (which have a vocabulary of their own), the faces of these quaint mothers are a clock to you, in which you may read the ages of their young.
It was a large lovely garden, with soft green grass.
There are so many bird-cherries round me, great trees with branches sweeping the grass, and they are so wreathed just now with white blossoms and tenderest green that the garden looks like a wedding.
He said that he was in the habit of coming to the garden with his father to get lettuces for their Sunday dinner.
And another time, when the circus came to Puddleby, the crocodile who had a bad tooth- ache escaped at night and came into the Doctor's garden.
I had not meant by my private ejaculation that I must myself cultivate the soil of the tangled enclosure which lay beneath the windows, but the lady who came toward me from the distance over the hard, shining floor might have supposed as much from the way in which, as I went rapidly to meet her, I exclaimed, taking care to speak Italian: "The garden, the garden--do me the pleasure to tell me if it's yours
The life of the garden offered topics enough for such discourse as suited Clifford best.
The delicious silence of the hour is softly disturbed by the voice of the younger lady in the garden.