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GARIGauley River National Recreation Area (US National Park Service)
GARIGreenways Alliance of Rhode Island
GARIGulf Archaeology Research Institute
GARIGreat Ape Research Institute (Japan)
GARIGlover Automated Results Indicator (World Cup predictor; University of Warwick; UK)
GARIGeneral Atlantic Resources, Inc. (Delaware)
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The power supply will also remain suspended from 132 KV Gari Grid Station from 9am to 3pm, resultantly consumers of 11 KV feeders will face inconvenience.
The financial sector needs a good guarantee fund -- when the AGF came in to reinforce GARI the financial institutions were happy to see an in- stitution come in and provide them with the comfort they need for their business.
He claimed that the doctor of nearby hospital in Bala Gari area had also confirmed in his medical report that his minor daughter was sexually assaulted.
I saw kumquat, peaches and apricots that were in season and very fresh," Chef Gari said enthusiastically as he showcased his special take on fromage.
Gari solida, sustenta una importante pesqueria artesanal, principalmente en la zona sur-austral de Chile.
2 Cover Your Gray Hair Mascara Wand by Irene Gari, 7g, www.
Yn ein ty ni roedden ni ffans mawr o Gari Williams a''i hiwmor unigryw, rhaglenni Gari gyda''i sgetys doniol.
Cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) is a perennial vegetative propagated shrub commonly cultivated within the lowland tropics and gari (cassava flakes) is a staple food widely consumed in Nigeria and other West African countries (FURO, 2003).
Gari Sullivan, from Newcastle, has organised the tour.
Two portions of the cut cassava roots were processed into gari by grating using locally made grater and fermented aerobically using local press pump.
It was a time when things seemed to be just peachy for Romola Gari, an aspiring young actress who has been adopted by top Tory MP, Bill Nighy.
Fakri Hadi Gari was arrested along with the other suspected Ansar al-Islam (AAI) fighters in Iraqi army-led raids in the restive northern city of Mosul on July 24, it said in a statement.