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GARNETGlobal Applied Research Network
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She could compare it to nothing she had ever seen, and the garnet lights which it emitted were unspeakably rare.
See my garnet ring; mother scrubbed it in soap and water.
At night she often looked very attractive, she put on a gown which was almost a dinner dress, and she wore a chain of garnets round her neck; the lace about her bosom and at her elbows gave her a pleasant softness, and the scent she wore (at Blackstable no one used anything but Eau de Cologne, and that only on Sundays or when suffering from a sick headache) was troubling and exotic.
To help lower the cost, car owners can currently find a $20 off oil change mail-in rebate at the Garnet Volkswagen website.
Garnets also have extensive industrial applications and garnet sand is used as replacement for silica sand in sand blasting.
Mohawk Garnet operates an open-pit quarry about six kilometres northeast of Wahnapitae.
The roll-out follows the successful 1,311 endpoint pilot project with Elster's Garnet solution completed late last year to reduce non-technical losses and enhance collections.
At Garnet Hill, we believe that quality is always the best value.
AZ Garnet Capital Advisors is currently in the market with product from four different banks totaling $350 million in commercial mortgages.
The other main type of red garnet found in jewellery is almandine.
Demantoid garnet is a rare and beautiful bright grass green sub-variety of andradite garnet.
Flower & Garnet is a gem of a film, a quiet tribute to one family's struggle with loss and love.