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GASESGravity Anchored Space Experiments Satellite
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It may be the gases of the firing caused the Martians in- convenience.
She had promised to wait for him, and did so with a faithfulness that cost her dear, because Mac forgot his appointment when the lessons were done, and became absorbed in a chemical experiment, till a general combustion of gases drove him out of his laboratory.
The study of gases was originally quite distinct from that of rigid bodies, and would never have advanced to its present state if it had not been independently pursued.
a leading European company in cogeneration based on natural gas, landfill and other regenerative gases -- today announced a three-year agreement in which G.
Matheson Tri-Gas' core competencies include its ULTRA-LINE(R) high purity gases, SDS(R) Safe Delivery Source(R), Semi-Gas(R) Systems brand of gas handling equipment, Nanochem(R) brand of purification systems, customer technical services, systems engineering, and site management services.
Nippon Sanso Corporation, which started its business in 1910, is the largest industrial gas company in Japan, and is the world's largest supplier of gases and equipment to the semiconductor industry, with capital of 27 billion Japanese yen headquartered at 1-16-7 Nishi-Shinbashi, Minato-Ku, Tokyo, Japan.
At Semicon West, Matheson Tri-Gas' Semi-Gas Division the San Jose based provider of specialty gases and delivery equipment, announced it is in the final stages of building a new specialty gas facility located in New Johnsonville, Tennessee for the manufacturing of Arsine, Phosphine and SDS.
Now we are poised to continue to expand the gases and markets we serve with additional sub-atmospheric gas delivery product lines.
Their chemical selectivity in removing killer impurities from hydride matrix gases is unique, and they will bring a new level of control to next-generation III-V epitaxial film growth," said Dr.
Also included is a detailed appendix that provides useful information to help users specify gases, including cylinder conversion charts, guidelines for handling specialty gas cylinders and a comprehensive glossary of terms.
This is augmented by the Flexsorb(R) solvent's high capacity for absorption of acid gases to reduce solvent circulation and related utility requirements.
We have had excellent results with Matheson's NANOCHEM(R) purifiers for the purification of specialty gases used in the production of epitaxial wafers on our Epsilon tools," said Bob Haro, Director of Epitaxial Products, ASM America.