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GASPGames Adolescents Shouldn't Play
GASPGay and Straight People
GASPGulf Area Sea Paddlers
GASPGlobal Atmospheric Sampling Program
GASPGroup Against Smokers Pollution
GASPGeorgia Association of School Psychologists
GASPGas Plasma Display
GASPGraph Algorithm and Software Package
GASPGuide Star Astrometric Support Package
GASPGeneral Aviation Synthesis Program (NASA)
GASPGroup Action Into Steroid Prescribing (UK)
GASPGrip Aim Stance Posture (golf swing)
GASPGlobal Air Sampling Program
GASPGesellschaft für Agrar- und Stadtökologische Projekte mbH
GASPGatekeeper Synchronization Protocol
GASPGreat Ape Survival Plan
GASPGas Accumulation Over Spreading Pools
GASPGeneralized Academic Simulation Program
GASPGeomagnetic Autonomous Shuttle - Launched Probe
GASPGemeinsame Außer- und Sicherheitspolitik (German, European Union)
GASPGeneralized Aerodynamic Simulation Program
GASPGeneral ADP Support PDP11/70
GASPGeneralized Activity Simulation Program
GASPGlobal Assimilation Prediction
GASPGeneralized Assembly & Sort Processor
GASPGod Another Simple Prolog
GASPGPETE Asset Screening Program
GASPGarlic, Artichoke, Sun-Dried Tomatoes, & Pesto Pizza
GASPGenerally Accepted Security Principles
GASPGroup to Alleviate Smoking Pollution
GASPGroup Against Smoking Pollution
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In my dreadful situation, it was a relief when he was brought back, and, surveying the company all round as if they had disagreed with him, sank down into his chair with the one significant gasp, "Tar
Now a great gasp of wonder went up from the multitude, and all looked to see this fool killed by torture.
Jane opened her mouth and eyes convulsively, but only uttered a gasp, and Agatha proceeded calmly, "I am polite to him, which you never are.
There was nothing in the way of fighting that Kala Nag, the old wise Black Snake, did not know, for he had stood up more than once in his time to the charge of the wounded tiger, and, curling up his soft trunk to be out of harm's way, had knocked the springing brute sideways in mid-air with a quick sickle cut of his head, that he had invented all by himself; had knocked him over, and kneeled upon him with his huge knees till the life went out with a gasp and a howl, and there was only a fluffy striped thing on the ground for Kala Nag to pull by the tail.
But the old man was at his last gasp, and had barely murmured his confession of faith when he expired.
And the poor girl was so stiff and numb that she could just gasp,
For forty weeks--long exasperating weeks-- the telephone could do no more than gasp and make strange inarticulate noises.
Then did the Sheriff gasp and fairly choke with rage.
Also, Bwikov has an aunt who is at her last gasp through old age, and may die before our departure.
For those things, whose unmanageableness, even when represented on paper, makes one gasp with a sort of amused horror, were manned by men who are his direct professional ancestors.
I have seen old men look half their age, and young men look double theirs; but never before or since have I seen a beardless boy bent into a man of eighty, gasping for every breath, shaken by every gasp, swaying, tottering, and choking, as if about to die upon his feet.
The wind, now scarcely observable, was rather a gasp than a breath, and the morning could almost be foreseen when even that gasp would cease.