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GATGuidance Automation Toolkit (Microsoft Visual Studio 2005)
GATGlobal Assessment Tool (comprehensive soldier fitness)
GATGeneral Air Traffic
GATGroup of Anaesthetists in Training
GATGeneric Application Template
GATGuidance, Apportionment, and Targeting
GATGeek of All Trades
GATGreenwich Apparent Time
GATGroupe des Assurances de Tunisie (Tunisian Insurance Company)
GATGeneral Any Topic (forum website)
GATGressorial Armament Tactical (Mobilesuit Gundam gaming)
GATGovernment Acceptance Test
GATGraphical ASCII Toolkit
GATGoodyear Atomic Corporation
GATGamers Against Terrorism
GATGlobal Access Table
GATGratias Ago Tibi (Latin: thank you)
GATGate-Assisted Thyristor
GATGraphics Art Team
GATGroup Audio Terminal(s) (ITU-T P.300)
GATGeneral Anything Topic (general discussion forums)
GATGravity Assist Trajectory
GATGround Assault Tank (Star Wars)
GATGround Attack Tactics
GATGeneral Admission Ticket
GATGeneral Aviation Terminal (various locations)
GATGlobal Air Traffic
GATGeneral Aviation Transportation
GATGround-to-Air Transmitter
GATGatling Gun
GATGirl About Town
GATGin And Tonic
GATGeneral Achievement Test (Australia)
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CCT values were not significantly correlated with the amount of deviation of TP and NCT measurements from GAT measurements (p>0.
I estimate the breaking force of the Gat trigger at around 20 pounds.
GAT is the most accurate and reliable of all the tonometers and the accuracy and reliability of any tonometer is judged on the basis of its results comparable with GAT.
Walking into GAT today, visitors are greeted by an impressive, architect-designed building of blue glass, a mesmerizing water feature in the lobby, and a clean, efficient workshop run by well-trained operators making high-quality precision parts.
This again highlights the danger of using CCT-based correction factors that ignore the effect of corneal biomechanics; if the cornea were thick but soft, a CCT-based correction factor would result in a corrected IOP that is further from the true IOP than the GAT IOP was.
As the aim of the study was to investigate whether the ORA and TXL measurements matched those of the GAT.
I never understood what abstract dance is," Gat said.
Eshkol Gat is constructing a 240 megawatt station, at a cost of around USD280m.
Gat traces military organizations and fighting tactics which are always closely allied with the current level of society, technology, and political organization.
One Facebook entry has suggested that Chuck Norris replace Clooney in next year's GAT.