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GAUCHOGeneral Distributed Architecture for Unified Communications in Heterogeneous OSI Environments
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At night, the nomadic gauchos gathered to roast meat over an open fire pit of mesquite, sharing tasty grilled meat and stoA[degrees] ries of the day's adventures.
Gaucho currently has presence in the UK, Hong Kong, Buenos Aires and Dubai, whereas Add-Mind has brought to the country brands such as Iris Dubai and Iris Yas Island, White Dubai, and Toy Room.
Gaucho, known for its steaks and chic take on cowhide, has 30 outlets across the UK, the Netherlands, Dubai, Hong Kong and Buenos Aires.
March 28 -29: Join El Gaucho, AQUA by El Gaucho and Taylor Shellfish for our signature oyster bar.
A gaucho without a horse is simply not a gaucho, explains Andrea Vigil, who directs the town's historic gaucho museum.
But they were the Gauchos, had taken blood oaths, passed
Sarmiento, cuyo Facundo (1845) propone que la erradicacion del gaucho es necesaria para la civilizacion de las pampas, reconoce la relacion intima entre la figura del gaucho y la identidad argentina: "el espiritu de la Pampa esta alli en todos los corazones [argentinos], pues si levantais un poco las solapas del frac con que el argentino se disfraza, hallareis siempre el gaucho mas o menos civilizado, pero siempre el gaucho" (99).
Em se tratando de Historia, e em especial da historia do cinema produzido no Rio Grande do Sul, devemos destacar a contribuicao do pesquisador gaucho Glenio Nicola Povoas que, assim como outros estudiosos de cinema da regiao, teve que buscar a sua formacao primeiramente em outro Estado.
Located at Phoenix Tower in Minet El Hosn, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, Gaucho Beirut is only a few minutes from the city's business and banking district, a short walk from the ever lively "Down Town" with its designer shops and within close proximity to the city's most popular night clubs; a convenient location for client lunches, relaxing shopping breaks and chic nights out.
n Gastronomy & Gauchos - this 13-day trip across Chile and Argentina includes time exploring Santiago, wine tasting in Mendoza and Maipo Valley, a visit to Valparaiso and two days living like a gaucho on a ranch in Las Pampas.
Individuals of the recluse spider Loxosceles gaucho Gertsch 1967 (Araneae, Sicariidae) are usually solitary in their natural habitat, as in the Butantan Institute woods (Japyassu et al.
The Gaucho revolvers were both coltish and Colt-ish means young and new to the world, and playful.