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GCDGreatest Common Divisor
GCDGriffith College Dublin (Dublin, Ireland)
GCDGreatest Common Denominator
GCDGrand Comic-Book Database
GCDgroundwater conservation district
GCDGlobal Cooldown (gaming)
GCDGrand Coulee Dam
GCDGlen Canyon Dam
GCDGeneral and Complete Disarmament
GCDGlobal Clinical Development
GCDGreater Confinement Disposal (waste management)
GCDGlobal Communication Devices
GCDGaia Community Discussion
GCDGlobal Clan Directory (gaming)
GCDGenetic Chromosome Dissection
GCDGlobal Connectivity Demonstration
GCDGoals of Care Designation
GCDGlass Cutting Device
GCDGeneral Defense Position/Plan
GCDGenerator Control Display
GCDGlobal Column Decoder (computer memory)
GCDGeneral Commercial District (various locations)
GCDGulf Coast Division (Orange, TX)
GCDGroup Creative Director (various organizations)
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Eldercare: When students begin the GCD program they are assigned to a nursing community/unit where they remain throughout their GCD tenure, interning and building relationships with elders and staff.
His algorithm was fast and particularly suited for computing GCD of multivariate polynomials.
The GCD of 1920 and 1080 are 120, GCDd/vsors=divisors(120)=[1,2,3,4,5,6,8,10,12,15, 20,24,30,40,60,120], total number of elements is 16 hence there are only 16 distinct splits in this case as compared to the number of choices for maximum desired blocks which is 1 to 1920*1080.
The charts photographs and topography images of patients were reviewed and patients with MCD GCD and LCD were identified.
The company stated Oral GCD is an orally available form of the plant cell-expressed enzyme, glucocerebrosidase or GCD, which is the same active substance as the Company's approved enzyme replacement therapy, ELELYSO.
Nor does it address concerns over the amount of water used for hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, which many GCD managers at the summit said was already affecting aquifer levels.
On this note, we extend the domain of GCD from pairs of positive integers (the set [Z.
We believe that the results of our clinical trial of Oral GCD will provide additional support for our belief that this oral delivery mechanism can be developed for other proteins used to treat other indications.
The retrofit GCD skin as described above was applied in two panels, each approximately 8 in.
It was written in C, C++, and Cg and used threads to interact with the GCD.
The report concludes that the Task Force believes that the importance and complexity of human, political, and statistical issues associated with GCD indicators demand that NCES play a leadership role in making recommendations to states regarding calculation of indicators and associated data requirements, and assisting states in implementing the recommendations.