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GELGeorgia Lari (ISO currency code)
GELGlobal Equity Lending
GELGeneral Extension Language (scripting language)
GELGuichets d'economie Locale (French: Windows on Local Economy; Belgium)
GELGAIN Extension Language (4th generation multimedia programming language)
GELGravity Effects in Lyophilization
GELGeneral Emulation Language
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Key words: Gel dosimeter, 3D dose distribution, MRI, X-ray CT, optical CT.
If the competition sells 10-ounce jars of gel for $5-$10, he'll market a 16-ounce product, and pass the bulk savings along.
For example, on a 12-mile training run at 8:00 pace, that would be two and a half gels, or two gels plus eight ounces of Gatorade--if you're really pushing yourself.
The so-called rheoreversible gel consists of a cleaning solvent mixed with a polymer called polyallylamine.
The inner mattress is made of layers of foam and four 2"-deep gel bladders that are placed flush against one another to run the length of the mattress.
Platelets, fisheyes, or disc-shaped gels are round and thickest at the center.
In this article, we describe our study to determine if the healing of superficial skin burns is expedited by a platelet gel held in place by a standard OpSite dressing.
Get to Know Aloe: 10 Interesting Facts about Aloe Vera Gel
The Z3 software system is now commercially available under various licensing arrangements, including a pay per gel subscription model, by which gel analysis is consumed similarly to a reagent.
At the time of publication, breast implants were available from the following manufacturers: McGhan Medical and Mentor Corporations make both silicone gel and saline-filled implants; Hutchinson International, Silimed L.
The gel is perfect for long workouts or between-match periods when athletes need that quick burst of energy.