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GFGirlfriend (chat)
GFGluten Free
GFGround Floor
GFGravity Falls (series)
GFGeForce (video card)
GFGood Friend
GFGrande Fratello (Italian reality show)
GFGoals For
GFGold Filled
GFGoldfinger (James Bond movie)
GFGodfather (movie series)
GFGood Fun
GFGeorg Fischer (Switzerland)
GFGreat Falls (Montana or Virginia)
GFGrand Forks (North Dakota or British Columbia)
GFGlass Fiber
GFGuitar Freaks (music simulation game)
GFGeneral Fund
GFGo Figure
GFGood Fight
GFFrench Guiana (country code, top level domain)
GFGlandular Fever (mononucleosis)
GFGranite Falls (various locations)
GFGod First
GFGlomerular Filtration (renal function)
GFGel Filtration (chromatography)
GFGrand Fantasia (gaming)
GFGenerating Function (mathematics)
GFGround Fault
GFGram Force
GFGreen's Function
GFGround Forces
GFGravitational Force
GFGraphite Furnace
GFGolden Freddy
GFGeschäftsführung (German: Management)
GFGone Fishin'
GFGovernment Furnished
GFGuinean Franc (unit of currency)
GFGrand Floridian (Disney Resort)
GFGameFAQs (game website)
GFGalois Field
GFGeomagnetic Field
GFGrain Filling
GFGreat Firewall (China)
GFGrim Fandango (adventure game)
GFGeneral File
GFGuardian Force (Final Fantasy game)
GFGuardian Forces
GFGround Fog
GFGeneral Foreman
GFGlobal Family
GFGlobalFoundries (Milpitas, CA)
GFGames Finished (baseball)
GFCyclosarin (Cyclohexyl methylphosphonofluoridate; nerve agent)
GFGuard Forward (basketball)
GFGage Factor
GFGreater Fool
GFGalactic Federation (Metroid game)
GFGaming Forums
GFGame Fly (gaming site)
GFGap Filler
GFGaussian Filter
GFGrapple Fixture
GFGeorgia and Florida Railroad
GFGreen Fairways (Singapore)
GFGear Fetish
GFGroundwater Foundation
GFGreater Faydark (realm in Everquest gaming)
GFGateway Foundation
GFGay Fuel
GFGrandfather Sword (gaming)
GFGlitch Factor
GFGrate Firing
GFGymboFriends (unofficial online message board, Gymboree clothing)
GFGateway Facility
GFGeelong Forums
GFGulf Air Company - Bahrain (IATA airline code)
GFGrand Frigate (Puzzle Pirates game)
GFGuidance to Fire Control
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TOKYO, Sept 1, 2017 - (JCN Newswire) - Showa Denko ("SDK"; TSE:4004) will start selling next month five new types of Shodex(TM) high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) columns, namely, "GPC HK-401," "GPC HK-405" and "GPC HK-HFIP404L" packed columns for gel permeation chromatography (GPC*1: size exclusion chromatography [SEC*2] using organic solvents) as well as "OHpak(TM) LB-805" packed column for gel filtration chromatography (GFC*3: SEC using aqueous solvents) and "IEC SP-FT 4A" packed column for ion exchange chromatography*4.
The ratios of the signals obtained by measuring samples of AMI patients mixed with TnAAbs-containing samples to the signals obtained by measuring the same AMI samples mixed with the reference TnAAbs-free plasma sample [for this sample recovery of cTnI in the form of I-T-C in TnI19C7-TnI560 assay was 77% and the absence of TnAAbs was confirmed by gel filtration (GF)] were expressed as percentages and were assumed to be a recovery.
After precipitation step, chromatographic techniques including affinity chromatography, ion exchange chromatography and gel filtration are used for further purification (Pabai et al.
A 62 kDa protein was isolated from honey by gel filtration chromatography followed by reverse phase HPLC showed significant radical scavenging activity.
Isothermal titration calorimetry, NMR titrations, and gel filtration demonstrated a 2:1 binding stoichiometry of FasWT Death Domain to CaM.
A tetrameric 70 kDa galactose specific lectin was purified using two step simple purification protocol which involved affinity chromatography on AF-BlueHC650M and gel filtration on Sephadex G100.
Phages were recovered from the culture medium by precipitation with PEG and then further purification step was performed by gel filtration in order to obtain a pure virus (Fig.
This was then applied to a column of Sephadex G-100 gel filtration that was pre-equilibrated with 0.
The fractions with antifungal activity were subjected to gel filtration on a Sephadex[TM] G-75 Superfine (Sigma) column (1.