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GELGeorgia Lari (ISO currency code)
GELGeneral Extension Language (scripting language)
GELGuichets d'economie Locale (French: Windows on Local Economy; Belgium)
GELGAIN Extension Language (4th generation multimedia programming language)
GELGeneral Emulation Language
GELGravity Effects in Lyophilization
GELGlobal Equity Lending
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Because of gelatin's functional properties, replacing gelatin in yogurt brings about some formulation challenges.
Two authors independently searched the biomedical online database MEDLINE[R], National Library of Medicine, Bethesda, Maryland, USA, (1948 to December 2010) and EMBASE[R], Reed Elsevier, London, UK, (1980 to December 2010) for relevant RCTs comparing gelatin solutions with a) crystalloids, b) starch, c) isotonic albumin or d) dextran.
Peat recommends obtaining glycine in its natural state as gelatin because alanine and praline also prevent cell damage.
Gelatin (Type B, bovine skin) was purchased from Sigma Aldrich (Steinheim, Germany).
The VRG contacted four major kosher certifying agencies that certify kosher food products in the United States today--Star-K, OK, the Orthodox Union (OU), and KOF-K--to clarify the meaning of kosher gelatin.
Table 31: US Exports of Gelatin & Its Derivatives (2007): Percentage Breakdown of Export Value by Key Destination Countries - Canada, Mexico, Japan, The UK, China, South Korea, and Others (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-1
Thus, this nutrition deficiency in major developing countries of the world accentuates the demand for collagen peptide and gelatin products.
Increasing applications in food & beverage, pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals industries are expected to fuel the growth of the gelatin market over the forecast period.
Each cup of omega 3 enhanced gelatin delivers 32 mg of essential omega 3s (EPA/DHA), has 10 calories and is gluten-free.
However, how well gelatin hydrolysate can inhibit the growth of ice crystals in ice cream has not been examined.
It keeps it still,'' he said of the gelatin coating his raw egg inside his home-made cardboard container.
Whichever version you prefer, gelatin or gelatine conjures up childhood memories for most of us.