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GELSGrup Excursionista la Salle
GELSGroup Employment Liaison Scheme (New Zealand)
GELSGenetics, Ethics, Law and Society
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Endo Pharmaceuticals continues to be responsible for the distribution and promotion of 2% FORTESTA Gel.
Performance gels can be easier to consume on the run.
The gel brightened the test spot on the painting, and analyses of the gel after its use showed that none of the pigments had been removed from the original paint layer.
Crosslinked gels are formed by overheating the resin.
Further, Z3 provides research oriented tools for data mining and querying, allowing scientists to extract a vast amount of information from 2D gels in general and large scale experiments in particular.
As more and more carbohydrate gels and other sports nutritionals come into the market, coaches would do well to experiment with them in training, just as they would with any new food or drink product.
Forward-looking statements include, but are not limited to, users of these new gels can expect improved cloning efficiency.
The second newly upgraded camera inspection system also classifies gels by type and size, but with a different approach.
A soft gel that shrinks and swells in response to changing sugar concentrations could provide a new way to deliver insulin to people with diabetes.
The Company's innovative product portfolio comprises high-quality analysis and data mining tools for 1D and 2D electrophoresis gels, mass spectrometry data and microarrays, the core technologies of genomics and proteomics.
Gels can come from several sources: HMW tails in a bimodal resin, crosslinked material caused by overheating, additives with poor thermal stability, fines from regrind, catalyst residue such as silica, and other organic or inorganic contamination.