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In milk pasteurisation, manufacturers can cut up to 70 per cent of their heating costs by using geothermal energy.
Globally, geothermal energy remains largely untapped despite its huge potential for low-carbon power generation and direct use in heating and cooling," said Mr.
Producing geothermal energy is also very cost effective, there will be some costs at the beginning when getting the technology in place and building the power plant on the site for example but, after that, it doesn't really cost much to produce," he said.
For example, a research project the Icelink, is looking at how to transport geothermal energy from Iceland to the UK via a 1,000km cable.
Geothermal energy does not depend on weather conditions and could be exploited each day of the year.
For more information about the GRC Annual Meeting & GEA Geothermal Energy Expo at the Sacramento Convention Center, Sacramento, California, USA visit www.
Among states that have a high percentage of their electricity coming from geothermal energy are Kenya, Iceland, El Salvador and New Zealand.
BEIRUT: Energy and Water Minister Arthur Nazarian said Monday that there was more than 70,000 times Lebanon's annual energy consumption available from geothermal energy.
By geothermal energy utilization the electricity production is
Offering voluntary services to help mitigate the sufferings of the masses, he said that he can attract all the investments required to initiate geothermal energy power projects for 10,000MW and start producing electricity at less than Rs 10 per unit within three years in all the provinces.
that more than 30 countries are producing electricity through geothermal energy and about 200 power plants are under construction around the world while 70 countries are using geothermal energy for air-conditioning, cooling, heating and supply of hot water.
We would like Dubai to become more aware about Geothermal Energy, which is renewable and sustainable.