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The developmental potential of oocytes that had undergone Germinal Vesicle Breakdown (GVBD) or reached the MII stage via IVM were assessed by IVF.
Photomicrographs of the female reproductive system of Megamelus scutellaris showing a) close-up of the distal portion of an ovariole showing the anterior lateral oviduct (loa), follicular epithelium (fe), ovariole sheath (os), germinal vesicle (gv), oocyte with yolk (oy), and collar (c), and b) distal portion of an ovariole showing a newly ovulated egg (e) into the anterior lateral oviduct (loa), ovary (ov), ovariole (lov), and the collar (c).
The effect of progesterone on the in vitro maturation and developmental competence of mouse germinal vesicle oocytes.
Time-lapse cinematography study of the germinal vesicle behaviour in mouse primary oocytes treated with activators of protein kinases A and C.
3 Estradiol on HCG injection day (pg/mL) 2133[+ or -]1272 Human menopausal gonadotropin dose (IU) 3975[+ or -]1269 Oocytes in germinal vesicle stage 3[+ or -]1 Oocytes in maturation stage I (MI) 2.
Does cryopreservation of ovarian tissue affect the distribution and function of germinal vesicle oocytes mitochondria?
GV, germinal vesicle; GVBD, germinal vesicle breakdown M-I, metaphase-I; Anaph.
It has been observed that the immature germinal vesicle stage oocytes tolerate the cryopreservation damage more efficiently compared to oocytes at metaphase-II and cumulus compact oocytes are less vulnerable to cryo-injuries compared to their denuded counterpart.
After staying in the prophase for some time, a fully grown oocyte will be triggered by hormones or other stimuli into maturation during which the oocyte will complete germinal vesicle breakdown (GVBD) and then into metaphase I or II before fertilization (Masui & Clarke 1979).
The size of the mass was measured to the nearest micrometer, and the number of separate entities per mass was assessed using the clearly visible germinal vesicle as a reference.
1992): primary growth, cortical alveoli, partially yolked, advanced yolked, germinal vesicle migration, germinal vesicle breakdown, and hydrated oocytes.