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GGGGerman Goo Girls (pornography website)
GGGGiggle (email, USENET, chat slang)
GGGGoing, Going, Gone
GGGGadolinium Gallium Garnet
GGGGimme Gimme Gimme (TV show)
GGGGlacial Geology and Geomorphology (journal)
GGGGood, Giving and Game
GGGLongview/Gladewater/Kilgore, TX, USA - Gregg County (Airport Code)
GGGGeneva Group Graphics (graphics library for creation of PostScript files)
GGGGravity Gun Grenadiers (gaming clan)
GGGGegengeist Gruppe (BloodRayne game)
GGGGrowing Greener Grant (Pennsylvania)
GGGGirls, Girls, Girls
GGGGiant Global Graph (World Wide Web)
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It is no doubt highly delightful to have to do with a person who grins one moment about nothing at all, and snivels the next for precisely the same cause, and who then giggles, and then sulks, and who is rude, and affectionate, and bad-tempered, and jolly, and boisterous, and silent, and passionate, and cold, and stand-offish, and flopping, all in one minute (mind, I don't say this.
The allusion was to the client who had just left--a jovial individual with a red face, who certainly had made Maud giggle a good deal.
The 'prentices giggle internally and nudge each other.
I was," Jim went on with a boastful, nervous giggle.
The Samuels," Clara interpolated, with what I suspected was a giggle.
No girl that ever lived should giggle at him, much less lock him up like a small child.
The merry going to bed would have been the best of all, for Rose wanted someone to cuddle under the blue blanket with her, there to whisper and giggle and tell secrets, as girls delight to do.
When, on a morning, my unconscious carcass was disentangled from the nets on the drying-frames, whither I had stupidly, blindly crawled the night before; and when the water- front talked it over with many a giggle and laugh and another drink, I was proud indeed.
I glanced at father, and I was afraid he was going to giggle at the effect of this human bombshell he had been guilty of launching amongst us.
Yes," answered Diana, stifling a giggle with an apprehensive glance over her shoulder at the closed sitting-room door.
Perhaps the weapon was too big to be noticed," said the priest, with an odd little giggle.
With a nervous giggle, Annie took herself creakingly out of the room.