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GGLGlobal Gaming League
GGLGigolo (gaming)
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GGLGlobal Gemological Laboratory
GGLGood Government League (various locations)
GGLGood Game Loser (gaming)
GGLGamma-Gamma Logging (California)
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After appearances on WWF Raw and WCW, Gigolo was thwarted when WCW folded.
Was he really a gigolo or was he just fooling around with women for his own satisfaction.
The price surpasses the previous record, at pounds 450 per straw, also paid for Greensons Gigolo semen in February 2008.
58: 6-4 Broadacres Rob, 3 Erinaceous Rapid, 7-2 Back By Daylight, 9-2 Rio Gigolo, 8 Lethal Luxury, 16 Findabitmore.
He also finds out that his friend was a Taxi-boy earning his money as a gigolo.
Veteran Joffrey dancer Deborah Dawn delighted as an out-of-control lush, while Willy Shives and Emily Patterson grasped the burlesque humor of the gigolo and his clueless bride.
Students at Nicholas Chamberlaine School in Bedworth have been helping to let people know about new comedy show Gigolo by the award-winning Watermill Theatre.
While at times exaggerated, Baisden successfully incorporates the mythical gigolo into an engrossing read.
As both writer and star of Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo, Schneider's profile has rocketed virtually overnight.
When questioned about her son, she tough-loved that he was nothing more than a high-priced gigolo.
For example, if you dress like a gigolo people will probably think you're a moron - and with good cause.
But through a bizarre twist of fate, he ends up house-sitting for a super-cool gigolo who makes a fortune pleasuring ladies.