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GIRTGerman-Indian Round Table (Norderstedt, Germany)
GIRTGovernment Information Round Table (library associations; various locations)
GIRTGeospatial Information Response Team (USGS)
GIRTGroup Insurance Resource Team
GIRTGerman Information Retrieval Test (language abstracts)
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On Thursday, Sea Girt Police captainJustin Macko showed NBC 4 News some of the damaged wires, (http://www.
26 K) and the metering chamber (insulation and girt side) on the interior with the average air temperature and at 102.
The Fort Dix project will generate approximately 240 kilowatts, and the Sea Girt project, approximately 238 kilowatts.
The Sea Girt Education Association (SGEA) recently became the 50th local in New Jersey to bargain a starting teacher salary over $50,000.
Girt considers such concepts as: What is information?
To me, the term "girly-girl" means a girt who loves nail polish, pink, and frilly dresses.
Most of those who attend are affiliated with Boy or Girt Scouts, Boys and Girls Clubs or other youth-serving organizations.
Acxiom also said MKTG Services' management team, led by Stacey Girt, senior vice president, will join Acxiom.
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It's important to me to be able to show that the smartest girt in the school is a Black girl
Meanwhile, he is pursuing his romance with a girt who aspires to play professional softball.
NOTORIOUS BIG may no longer be with us, but the rapper continues to live through his music - Nasty Girt remains unbeaten as this week's Official Download No.