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GISTGastrointestinal Stromal Tumor
GISTGwangju Institute of Science and Technology (Korea)
GiSTGeneralized Search Tree
GISTGeographic Information Support Team (community of interest of humanitarian geospatial experts)
GISTGlobal Information Systems Technology
GISTGirls Into Science and Technology
GISTGeneric Information Server Toolkit
GISTGeorgia Interactive Statewide Telecommunications
GISTGeographic Information System Technician
GISTGNSS In-Service Test (GPS)
GISTGraphic Intelligence Support Terminal
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Ndungu credits GIST with giving him great global and local exposure, but he's also persistent: He spends most of his time traveling to villages throughout Kenya demonstrating the product and making direct sales.
The new preclinical data presented at AACR show that BLU-285 induces significant tumor regression in a patient-derived in vivo model of GIST that is refractory to treatment with imatinib, an approved first-line treatment for GIST.
To address these challenges, Gist redefined the supply chain for Starbucks, challenging each of the historical processes and assumptions to put the customer at the heart of the supply chain.
A key factor to Gist being a successful business is for employees to feel fully engaged, have input into their working environment and make a real difference in the role that they do.
GIST is a highly aggressive cancer that can go undetected for years and, at the point of diagnosis, most patients have already progressed to advanced stages of disease.
Launched in 2011, GIST is a partnership led by the U.
PERN and GIST have agreed that selected universities in Pakistan doing research in the field of "Software Defined Networks" will collaborate with GIST.
The 2013 Tech-I Competition provides a significant opportunity for local science and technology entrepreneurs to compete for mentorship, training, and awards and to connect to the GIST network.
On Monday, December 10, the entrepreneurs sponsored by GIST
Gist also managed to cut volume of deliveries by 20% and created a standardised delivery procedure that reduced disruption.
Patients with GIST frequently present with insidious upper gastrointestinal symptoms.
The gist of the draft report includes details regarding the massive earthquake on March 11 and ensuing tsunami, the situation regarding the nuclear accident and its evaluation, emergency responses and their evaluations, and releases of radioactive materials.